Orfino Velour Futon – Super Stylish, but Too Small?

Not all futons need to be big. In fact, small futons work really well in small spaces (obviously). If you can’t fit a large sofa into a room, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without a sofa.

Orfino Velour Futon - It Is Too Small?

That said, it’s important to check the dimensions of furniture you buy online – especially convertible futons. Photos can often make sofas and chairs appear deceptively big.

Note: Do you want a larger sized futon, but like this mid-century style? Check out these 3 vintage futon sofas. They still cost less than $500.

How Big is the Orfino Velour Futon?

This particular sofa, the Orfino Velour Futon, looks like a classic, tufted velour sofa. However, it measures less than 6 feet long and has a height under 2.5 feet.

Orfino Velour Futon Dimensions

This can turn some people off. I mean, who wants a small sofa, right?

Measure the seat depth as well as the height of the backrests of chairs and sofas that you already own. What size furniture do you need to feel comfortable?

What’s Good About a Small Futon?

Green Orfino Velour Futon in Living RoomBut wait. Small futons can work really well in entryways, home offices, master bedrooms, kids rooms, small apartments and even dorms. They can fit spaces that their larger counterparts can’t fit.

Smaller furniture pieces can add function when you need it (ie. a guest bed, a hallway bench, extra seating). Meanwhile, the rest of the time I doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space.

Plus, compact furniture like the Orfino Velour Futon provides multiple other benefits. For example, it costs very little (about $200), weighs less than some living room chairs (about 58 lbs) and you can move it easily.

Blue Orfino Velour Futon - Stylish but SmallCompared to other cheap futons, the Orfino features diamond tufted cushions as well as classic wood scroll legs.

In addition, you can get it in a plush blue or green velour fabric. It definitely has a unique style to it, a feature I wouldn’t expect to get with a $200 sofa.

Would I Buy the Orfino Futon to Sleep On?

This futon does convert into a bed. That said, it measures less than 6 feet in length. Therefore, your taller friends probably won’t like it.

Personally, I would get this futon for its stylish looks (at a low price) rather than using it to sleep on. You have to agree, this piece really does make a statement.

Orfino Velour Futon Specs: