Emily Convertible Futon – Now Available in Grey!

Grey Emily Convertible Futon Set

Emily Convertible Futon in Grey

If you are familiar at all with the popular Emily Convertible Futon, you’ll already know that it has come in black and vanilla for several years. Now there’s a cool heather grey color added to the line.

The style, size and shape remain the same, but now you don’t have to choose the super dark black if you want to hide dirt (not that you have any 😉 ).

The Grey Emily Convertible Futon is Casual and Formal at the Same Time

The grey can easily be used in a formal setting, similar to the black or white. However, I think it works better in a more casual environment, like a family room or den. You can “dress it down” with large pillows and throw blankets to look very informal, yet clean-looking and contemporary at the same time.

As you’ll notice on this page, the Emily futon is a very versatile piece of furniture – especially with the split-back design and a matching lounger that you can match up with it. Some people even opt to forgo the sofa and just get 2 loungers to create a double lounger (and sleeper of course).

Emily Futon Dimensions:

  • When folded up: 32″ high, 71″ wide, 34″ deep
  • Seat height is 16″ high and 23″ deep

Grey Emily Convertible Futon Super Lounger

Create an Emily Futon Set Using Different Colors

Something else to keep in mind is that you don’t have to choose just one color. If you have a larger room where you need multiple pieces of furniture, it can be fun to mix and match the black with the grey, white with the grey or even all 3 colors.

Since they all have an identical design, shape and fabrication, they look like they go together anyway. You can also get throw matching cushions to place on all piece to tie the room together. You can step-up your design and create a unique look without having to do any work. Just an idea…

What is the Grey Emily Futon Made Of?

Just like the other DHP Emily pieces, the grey futon sofa and matching lounger have water-resistant faux leather. This material wipes clean in a snap. They also feature sleek, stylish chrome legs.

The dense foam interior makes for a nice firm bed and seating that holds its shape. That said, some people prefer a sleeper that is softer. One solution is to purchase an inexpensive piece of foam to lay on top of the futon when used for sleeping, and then roll up the foam when not in use.

This way, you get a comfortable bed and smart-looking daytime furniture that keeps its shape.

Getting Back to the Emily Chaise Lounge…

If you don’t want the futon sofa but prefer one or more of the DHP chaises, here are the measurements:

  • Folded down: 71″ long x 15.5″ High x 30″ wide
  • Folded up: 62″ long x 32.5″ High, seat 50.5″ Long

Grey Emily Futon Extra Large Bed

Remember that the Emily Futon line is lightweight enough to move around easily. It won’t be a hassle every time you want to make a change. Re-position it for different activities or to different rooms where you need to use it.

You can get so much use out of versatile convertible furniture that you may never go back to using a regular sofa and chair… Get More Info.