Memory Foam Convertible Futon [ Pros and Cons ]

Are you looking for an inexpensive, compact futon sofa that gives you a little more value than the standard cheap futon? I suggest checking out Mainstays Memory Foam Convertible Futon.

As you can see, this convertible sofa has the pillow-top feature. And, yes, the cushion filling consists of memory foam.

Why is Memory Foam Beneficial on a Futon?

Therefore, you get extra comfort whether you sit on the sofa or lay down and sleep on the bed. When it comes to cheap futons, any extra cushioning helps, right?

We all like the extra cushion, however, the memory foam also adds better support to the built-in pillows. In other words, this upgraded component does double duty, which translates to more value for our money.

Mainstays Memory Foam Pillow Top Convertible Futon - Extra Comfort for Sleeping?

Furthermore, the futon has a plush outer fabric that looks and feels like soft suede. In fact, it actually is a more durable polyester material, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. =)

This Memory Foam Futon has 2 More Advantages:

Compared to other standard klik-klak futons, this model has 2 unique features that set it apart. These also increase the value of this futon, which make them worth looking at.

Splitback Feature on Futon Seatback - Each Side Folds Down Separately

1. Split-Back Seat Design

First of all, it has a “split-back” design, which allows you to fold down the backrest in 2 parts. Therefore, one person can recline the seat back while watching a movie while the other person can sit fully upright.

Plus, you can lay one side flat while the other side stays upright. This positioning can provide additional seating at a party. Or, you can move 2 of these sofas together in a variety of different seating arrangements.

2. Built-In, Adjustable Arm Rests

Memory Foam Futon with Fold-Up Armrests

Second, both sides of this sofa can fold up into arm rests. This function gives you more versatility in how you use this piece of furniture.

For instance, lay your head on it similar to a chaise lounge. Alternatively, they provide comfortable spots to rest your arms.

Practical Furniture for an Easy-Care Lifestyle…

Mainstays Convertible Futon Easily Folds Flat in Seconds

This contemporary sleeper converts quickly (in seconds) from sofa to bed. In other words, it doesn’t take a lot of time to unfold, nor is it heavy to move.

Unlike larger and more cumbersome sofa beds, this version can save you time and money. Not to mention space too. In fact, it can fit easily in many home offices or in crowded guest rooms that serve dual purposes.

Whether you live in a dorm room or rent a small apartment, this memory foam futon can come in handy. Plus, the casual, plush, suede pillow-top sofa looks inviting and cozy.

Brown Faux Suede Fabric on Convertible Futon Cover Works Well to Hide Dirt

How Do You Clean the Futon Cover?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), you can’t remove this futon cover and throw it in the washing machine. Therefore, you need to clean the fabric while it stays intact on the sofa.

For this reason, mainstays used a durable polyester material that you can spot treat with water or a professional fabric cleaner. Plus, the beige/camel fabric is probably the most ideal color ever to conceal dirt and keep your futon looking great. =)

The Disadvantage of a Compact Futon:

Most people like convertible futons because they fit well in small spaces and are easy to move. However, their shorter length (6 feet long) makes them not-so-comfortable for taller people to sleep on.

Grey Emily Futon Set

Therefore, if you plan on using your futon frequently as a sleeper, you may prefer a longer bed.

For example, you can get the Emily convertible futon with a matching chaise as a set. Create a sectional sofa, extra-wide bed or a long futon bed.

Specs for Memory Foam Convertible Futon

  • Seat Dimensions: 72″ Wide x 34″ Deep x 32.” Tall
  • Bed Dimensions: 72″ Long x 42.5″ Wide x 16.5″ Tall
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Interior Fill: Memory Foam and Recycled Foam Stuffing (100% Polyurethane Foam)
  • Cover Fabric: 100% Polyester Suede
  • Color: Camel/Beige
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: BC-267-1
  • Brand: Mainstays (a Walmart Brand) (800) 966-6546
  • Get the Memory Foam Futon here