Best Outdoor Futon for Small Decks, Patios + Gardens

Do you need a weather-proof sofa that you can use outdoors on your patio or deck? Check out this outdoor futon that folds from a couch to a lounger to a bed!

Relax Outdoors on Your Own Indoor-Outdoor Convertible Futon with Plush Cushions and Reclining Side Arms. Durable, Functional and Versatile Furniture

The Best Compact & Versatile Futon for Outdoor Living…

The weather-treated fabric and frame make this futon well-suited for everyday outdoor use. Plus, you can remove and wash the cushion covers if you want to.

This multi-functional piece of outdoor furniture is very comfortable to lounge on. Plus, you can fold the sides up or down, depending on how you want to use the futon or how long you need it.

Speaking of versatile, this small outdoor futon has a compact size. Therefore, it works very well on small patios or apartment decks.

For instance, with the sides folded up, the futon only measures 60″ long. If you have a larger space, you can fold one or both sides down.

Outdoor Futon Ideas: Some people living in high rise apartments even create cozy outdoor living rooms on their decks using 2 outdoor futons as a loungers. It can definitely make an apartment feel larger.

On the other hand, if you have a lush green backyard, you can add an outdoor garden futon to create a relaxing retreat.

Outdoor Futon with Orange Cushions, Large Pillows and Wood Frame

Just add a good book, a margarita and you’re set. If you have a covered porch with semi-warm winters, you can enjoy this futon year-round, just add a furry blanket and a mug of hot chocolate.

So Stylish, You Can Use this Outdoor Futon Indoors

Although this convertible sofa daybed has outdoor durability, the design and style make it look nice enough to use indoors. (In fact, many people have used it indoors!)

In addition, the cushions feel surprisingly soft (The company did not skimp on the cushions. Maybe because they realize that the main purpose of this sofa is for lounging and sleeping).

Therefore, feel free to use it year-round as an indoor outdoor futon. Talk about getting your money’s worth from a single piece of patio furniture! By the way, this outdoor futon also makes a great nap spot or indoor-outdoor chaise. (When it’s in stock, that is.)

Indoor Outdoor Futon Sofa with Convertible Armrests and Weatherproof Fabric

This Outdoor Wooden Futon Looks Different

This sofa sleeper probably looks somewhat different from most futons you’ve seen. Nonetheless, you can use it as a sofa, a lounger and a bed. I love it for afternoon naps and reading. It sleeps one person and seats 2 people comfortably.

This is not your typical convertible futon, but rather the outdoor futon mattress is separate from the frame. This is smart because using upholstered furniture outdoors, it’s more likely that you’ll want to clean futon cushions and frame from time to time.

How Does the Outdoor Futon Lounger Work?

It’s really simple. The sofa arms at both ends fold down to create a flat sleeping surface. You can fold them down one at a time if you want.

Does the Mattress and Frame Really Hold Up Outdoors?

The frame is solid hardwood and treated for long-term outdoor use. As with any wood furniture used outdoors, it needs to be maintained with a basic furniture oil application (details included with manufacturer’s instructions).

The seat cushion and pillows are made of a spun-polyester fabric designed to be used outdoors.
In fact, Ufab Interiors says that acrylic material used in Sunbrella fabrics such as spun polyester is the best outdoor fabric for furniture.

The cushions are weather treated as well. However, they are not waterproof. Therefore, if you want to keep them looking cleaner and lasting longer, I recommend using a spray fabric protector designed for outdoor fabrics.

Studio Outdoor Converting Sofa Specs:

  • Sofa Dimensions: 70″ Long x 31″ Deep x 25.5″ Tall
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Cushion Material: Spun Polyester Fabric with Polyurethane Foam Fill
  • Frame Material: Solid Hardwood
  • Comes in Multiple Colors
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