Novogratz Skylar Modern Sofa Bed – Chic Style, Low Price

Do you want a chic, contemporary style sofa that you can also use as a bed? The Novogratz Skylar Coil features a sophisticated look, even though you can use it as a modern sofa bed.

Novogratz Skylar Coil Modern Sofa Bed with Ivory White Velvet Upholstery

In fact, you might never suspect that this velvet-upholstered couch could turn into an overnight sleeper. The vertical stitching, thick seat cushions and gold metal legs give the Novogratz Skylar an upscale look.

Yes, I said gold metal legs. This couch has some modern glam to it.

What Makes the Novogratz Skylar Modern Sofa More Comfortable?

But this modern style sofa is also designed with comfort in mind. For example, the seat cushions contains pocket coils to make them more comfortable. Plus, the upholstery is a soft velvet fabric.

In addition, you can recline the seatback from sitting to lounging to sleeping positions. As a result, you can relax on this futon sofa like a lounger. Just throw your feet up on an ottoman or coffee table.

Distresses Faux Leather Mid Century Modern Ottoman Footrest with StorageNote: Speaking of ottomans, I found a distressed leather-look ottoman with a mid-century modern look. I can work as a footrest, coffee table or turn your 2-person couch into a sectional. Plus, the top lifts up to reveal a hidden storage space.

In addition to folding flat into a bed, this contemporary couch also has a splitback design. Therefore, you can recline the left seat back separately from the right.

Splitback Futon Sofa Folds Flat into Bed

This feature makes the furniture more versatile. For instance, one person can have their seat back upright to work on a laptop while another person can recline back and watch TV.

How to Cleverly Conceal the Back Side of the Skylar Sofa Sleeper:

Although the backside of this couch is upholstered in velvet fabric to match the front of the couch, it’s not completely finished. In other words, the back looks like a fold-down futon rather than a traditional sofa.

Partially Finished Back Side of Skylar Coil Futon Sofa

Therefore, if you prefer the standard couch look, I suggest positioning the sofa up against a wall. Alternatively, you could place a cabinet or credenza behind the sofa to conceal the open gap.

For example, Walker Edison makes a modern wood credenza that matches the length of the sofa back (70 inches). It features glass cabinet doors and open shelves, so you gain extra storage space as well as a tabletop for display.

Wood Look Credenza with Glass Doors Sits Behind Sofa to Hide Unfinished Seatback

In addition, the seatback measures 33″ tall, while the credenza is 24″ high. Therefore, the table isn’t too tall, and the furniture dimensions work well together.

You can choose from 4 rustic cabinet finishes: birch, dark walnut, rustic oak an grey wash. Plus, the sofa comes in multiple colors as well.

Modern Sofa Colors: Black, Green and Ivory

Specs for the Novogratz Skylar Coil Modern Sofa Bed:

  • Dimensions: 77″ Long x 33.5″ Deep x 33″ Tall
  • Bed Size: 70″ Long x 44″ Wide x 17. 5″ Tall
  • Seat Height: 17.5″ High
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • 3 Recline Positions
  • Split-Back DesignModern Style Convertible Sofa Bed with Velvet Upholstery
  • Upholstery Material: Velvet
  • Pocket Coil Seat Cushions
  • 3 Color Options: Ivory, Green or Black
  • Sofa Legs: Powder-Coated Gold Metal
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: 2358179N
  • Brand: Novogratz
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Skylar Coil Sofa

Skylar Coil Convertible Futon as a Sofa and Bed