Fun, Checkered, Patterned, Colorful Futons on Sale

Sometimes you just want a fun piece of furniture in your living room, bedroom, dorm room or office. However, usually these unusual pieces demand higher prices for their uniqueness, and you can end up paying a lot of money.

I recently came across several colorful futons that are very fun. Some have striped, some are checkered, some have other interesting patterns and others are simply just BRIGHT.

6 Colorful Futons

The Downside to These Colorful Futons…

The trade off to finding unique furnishings at low, discounted prices is that you may end up giving up some comfort and/or size. Some of these sofas tend to be smaller and lack cushioning.

That said, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer a firmer couch (and ps. they usually hold their shape better over time), and sometimes a smaller sofa fits into a space better. Or maybe you’d rather have 2 smaller futons instead of 1 large one.

Just keep these factors in mind as you read check out the photos and read through the descriptions and customer reviews.

Brown, Black & White Vinyl Checkered FutonFirst up, we have the Brown, Black & White Vinyl Checkered Klik Klak Sofa. It’s originally priced at $600, but it is now on sale at less than $300 (including shipping!).

This fun sofa still retains a level of contemporary style and sophistication that would work well in an office, living room or loft. Bed Dimensions: 67″L x 42″D x 31″H

What About a Pink Futon?

Next is the Katarin Leatherette Futon SofaKatarin Leatherette Futon Sofa which has a modern checked pattern with different shades of pink a mauve. This leatherette futon sofa has a great price under $300.

If you like pink, then you’ll like this couch. Plus, you’ll probably like the fact that it is lightweight at 50 lbs and easy to move. This fun furniture perfectly fits in a kid’s room or one with eclectic decor. Bed Dimensions: 67″L x 38″D x 15″H
The Cordry Futon SofaCordry Leatherette Futon is almost identical to the models above except for its pattern of teal and white stripes.

For some reason, I’m not too keen on the pattern of this futon; it kind of reminds me of a circus tent. The price, however is right at $165 and free shipping. You can’t really beat that for a sofa. Bed Dimensions: 67″L x 38″D x 15″H

The Coaster Futon SofaBlack and White Checked Futon is obviously checkered, but they added a nice piping around the cushions which adds an element of style – not to mention that black and white furniture has a modern appeal that fits in well with many decor styles.

Right now, the Coaster is on sale, marked down about 20% with free shipping. I don’t have the exact dimensions, but I think it measurements are very similar to the models above.

The Acme Microfiber Adjustable SofaAcme Microfiber Futon comes in bright green (shown), pink, orange and blue. All colors come with the black frame and legs and are priced right around $150 each (WOW!)

We’re getting a little smaller here, so keep that in mind. I like the simple-yet-different style of this convertible futon, but it will look better in smaller rooms or even a wide hallway where you want seating without taking up a lot of space. Bed Dimensions: 66″L x 34″D x 15″H

Maybe the Most Colorful Futon of All…

Merax Checkered Adjustable Futon SofaJust when you think you can’t get any smaller, here comes the Merax Adjustable Futon Sofa. Bed Dimensions: 58.2″L x 36.2″D x 23.6″H.

I would consider this more of a large chair or lounger-for-one. However, it makes up for its lack of size in character and style.

It definitely demands attention and can make a bold statement all on its own – no matter how big the room. I really like it, but you’ll pay a little more for this one. It costs about $350 after shipping (but heck – you get 2 pillows included in the deal!).