5 Cheap Futon Beds Priced Between $200-$300

People love futons because they ae multi-functional and they are easy to set up. Plus, they typically cost less than sofas. Below, we’ve listed the top 5 cheap futon beds between $200 and $300 that we think you’ll really like.

1. Emily Convertible Futon

The Emily Futon is one of the top selling sofa beds on Amazon. It costs less than $250, plus it ships for free. Now, it also comes in a versatile split-back version, and you can get it in multiple colors.

Emil Split Back Convertible Futon in Navy Linen Upholstery - One of the Top 5 Cheap Futon Beds Under $300

This futon features a modern, sophisticated look, so you can easily use it in a living room, loft or office space. It has a firm build, so it doesn’t make the softest bed. However, it holds its shape well for a sofa that costs less than $250.

Dimensions: 71″ Long x 34″ deep x 32″ Tall (in upright position)

In addition to navy linen (shown above), you can order it black faux leather, burgundy velvet, green velvet, grey linen or velvet, tan velvet or vanilla faux leather. Wow! See full review of the Emily Futon

Note: I almost forgot to mention that you can get a matching chaise lounge, accent chair or square/rectangular storage ottoman. Turn your plain futon into a sectional sofa or furnish your entire living room for cheap!

2. Modern Tufted Futon Sofa

This convertible futon is cleverly disguised as a sofa, with armrests, tufted upholstery and even matching throw pillows. It features a classic linen fabric with the multi-functional split back seat design.

Modern Tufted Linen Futon - Cheap Living Room Furniture

If you prefer having armrests on your couch or don’t want your sofa bed to look like a futon, you might like this model better. I mean, we all want to save money on furniture, but we don’t wan our living rooms to look cheap, right?

Dimensions: 76″ Long x 33″ Deep x 32″ Tall (in upright position)

You may not be able to transform this futon into a sectional sofa. However, 2 of these sofas can provide plenty of seating in a living room without taking up too much space. By the way, you can get it in light grey (shown), blue, purple and sky blue.

3. Divano Roma Vintage Style Futon with Nailhead Trim

Divano Roma makes a few funky-looking futon sofa beds in bright wild colors. This is one of them, and you can currently get it for under $300.

Divano Roma Vintage-Style Futon with Tufted Turquoise Upholstery and Nailhead Trim - priced Under $300 and One of the Top 5 Cheap Futon Beds

Colorful vintage furniture can make a bold statement in a room, in addition to providing a stunning focal point. I think this futon sofa works best in a minimally-decorated space where it doesn’t have to compete with lots of other furniture.

Although it may look good, keep in mind that with a price under $300, you are not getting the highest quality. In other words, don’t plan on jumping around on your furniture. =)

Dimensions: 77″ Long x 31″ Deep x 28″ Tall (in upright position)

4. Midcentury Modern Futon

If you appreciate contemporary design with clean lines, then check out the mid century modern futon below. It features geometric styling with white piping around the edges and 2 round cylinder pillows.

Mid Century Modern Futon with White Piping, Velvet Upholstery and Cylinder Pillows

It has a soft velvet upholstery, and you can get it in black (shown), blue or a plush purple. I think it looks more casual and laid back than the other futons, with a little more “fun”.

Dimensions: 75″ Long x 30″ Deep x 33″ Tall (in upright position)

5. DHP Lodge Convertible Futon

If you want a really cheap sofa bed that still has a little style, the Lodge Futon may give you just what you’re looking for.

Cheap Futon Bed - the DHP Lodge Futon Only Costs About $150 with Free Shipping

The simple, compact design makes it ideal for dorm rooms or studio apartments. Plus, it only weighs about 50 lbs, so you can move it easily.

The soft microfiber fabric makes it a little more comfortable. However, keep in mind that none of these cheap futon beds offer lots of comfort for sleeping. That said, there are a few cheap ways to make your futon more comfortable.

See more about the Lodge Futon here