Winchester Convertible Futon in the Living Room?

Winchester Convertible Futon in Living Room
Winchester Convertible Futon in Living Room

SarahMost people would assume that you couldn’t set up a $300 convertible futon in a living room without having it ruin the look of a more “formal” space.

However, many people are quite surprised to find out that several modern futons offer a chic, sophisticated look without the high price tag.

What to Look For in a Futon…

You want to look for a style with simple lines and a more minimalistic design. Choose a convertible sofa without a separate frame. Armless styles typically look more formal as well.

Some futons also sit lower to the floor. Some people don’t like this, however this aspect works wonders if you are trying to make a small room appear larger. Lower-sitting sofas and chairs also present a modern look and typically a more expensive appearance.

Futon Decorating Tips:

As you can see in the photo above, the futon is pulled out from the wall. Furniture with lower backs are easy to do this with. Now, you can create walking space behind the sofa or add a high table for decorations or storage. Don’t underestimate the power of pulling your furniture away from the wall. It’s a designer’s trick!

Minimalistic furniture also makes it super easy to dress up with accessories like pillows and throw blankets. You can customize the look of your room without much effort having to spend a bunch of money. This also makes it simple to change up the look of your room with the seasons.

Winchester Sofa Bed
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The “Flat” Option:

The Winchester Convertible Futon also looks great when you lay it flat. In addition, you can use it as a large ottoman or bench for more seating (in addition to sleeping for the occasional overnight guest). I think it looks pretty cool this way.

You can easily make your room look more designer-styled without you having to know much about interior design. Plus, the luxurious tufted microfiber fabric makes this futon look nothing like a bed.

Is the Winchester Convertible Futon Good – or Bad?

The Winchester Convertible Sofa weighs in at 63 lbs, which may be ideal for some people but not so great for others. The light weight makes it easy to move around a room or transport to different rooms in a house. You’ll appreciate this factor if you need to move furniture by yourself.

That said, lighter weight furniture can tend to slide around on hardwood floors or hard surfaces. If you don’t have a carpeted room where you want to use this futon, you may want to consider getting an area rug or “furniture grippers”.

Dimensions: 72.5″ x 35.5″ x 32.0″