What Do I Think of the Julia Convertible Sofa?

Westport Home Julia Convertible SofaWelcome to the “Get Your Cake and Eat it Too” futon. Seriously, this convertible sofa has everything – including a low price tag (Under $300!).

As you can see, this versatile piece of furniture can transform into a variety of different seating, lounging and sleeping arrangements. Plus it comes with armrests that can change into headrests or pillows too.

If you’re not comfortable sitting in it, just re-arrange it!

If you’re familiar with futons or click clack sofas, you already know that they are designed specifically to be used in multiple ways: typically a sofa or a bed.

However, we are now seeing more and more versions coming out that recline both length-wise and width-wise. This gives us even more options: primarily, the double sofa lounger.

The lounger is super comfortable for reading, watching movies, studying or even doing work on a laptop computer. In fact, some people get this futon to use specifically as a double lounger because it is stylish, plush and super cheap compared to other living room lounge chairs.

You might never even recline this sofa into a bed – or even switch it up to the couch position – and you would still get your money’s worth. (Although it’s nice to know that you have plenty of ways you can re-arrange your furniture).

How is the Julia Convertible Sofa Really Different?

Unlike most other convertible futons, the Julia Convertible Sofa comes with a removable, washable microsuede cover. However, just in case you don’t feel like washing it, know that it is a stain resistant fabric. Therefore, you may never even need to toss it in the washing machine anyway.

West Home Julia Futon in Khaki
Westport Home Julia Convertible Sofa w/ Khaki Cover
It’s Heavier.

Although it’s not super heavy, this model does weigh more than many of its competitors at 130 lbs. Its weighty steel legs give this sofa extra sturdiness, but at the same time, it’s not so heavy that it’s difficult to move.

In traditional Click-Clack style, you’ll be able to move and re-arrange this futon with ease, not to mention quickly.

A Real Bed?

Many futons that I’ve seen are questionable in size when it comes to “the bed”. They are either too short or not wide enough to fit 2 people (or sometimes 1 person) comfortably.

Not the Julia. The approximate bed dimensions are 17″ high x 52″ wide x 77″ long, which makes it comparable to the size of a standard full mattress (54″ wide x 74″ long).

What’s My Take?

As you probably already figured out, I love Westport Home’s Julie Convertible Sofa for it’s double lounger.

2 Double Loungers by Fireplace

If I was decorating a living room from scratch, I’d get 2 of these futons. Then, I would set them up as loungers, get a central coffee table and be done with it. This furniture features a designer look, yet also has a minimal, sophisticated, easy, comfortable and unique look.

This furniture makes a statement on its own, you don’t need much more. Well, maybe you should have a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.