Pros & Cons of a Futon Chair Bed + 4 Cool Chairs

Cortesi Home Convertible Futon Chair Bed

1. The Convertible Chair Bed

Sometimes you want to accommodate overnight guests without having to buy an extra bed or futon sofa. Plus, these pieces of furniture can take up a significant amount of space. Not the Futon Chair Bed, though.

As you can see, a futon chair or chair bed can come in super handy. Just like a futon, these chairs can convert into a single sleeping space quickly and easily. Plus, when you are not using them to sleep on, you get a comfortable chair to sit in.

Foldable Sleeper Chair Bed

2. The Foldable Sleeper Chair

Similar to convertible futons, chair beds come in a variety of styles that can fit virtually any decor. In fact, some high-end styles are difficult to distinguish from a regular chair. Therefore, they make perfect candidates for living room or den furniture.

On the other hand, you can choose from many other cheap yet durable and functional versions. These make great seating options for dorm rooms, dens or playrooms.

In addition, chair beds have another big advantage. They typically cost less than traditional upholstered chairs. Plus, they weigh less, so you can easily move them around.

Of course, futon chair beds weigh significantly less. You can maneuver them much easier than a sofa bed with a pull-out mattress (which you already know if you’ve ever used one).

Brown DHP Sleeper Chair in Living Room

3. The DHP Single Sleeper Chair

This chair deceptively looks like a regular chair. However, it quickly folds out into a foam futon.

It weighs only 45 pounds. Plus, it makes a great chair for playing video games, watching TV, entertaining or simply hanging out with friends.

With its low price and free shipping, you can easily buy 2 or 3 matching chairs. Create a comfortable conversation area or game room seating without blowing your budget.

Double Size Sleeper Chair in Black

4. The Double Size Sleeper Chair

It also comes in a larger size, (the Double Sleeper Chair). It essentially looks like a small loveseat or large chair.

It differs in that it sleeps 2 people instead of one. Yet, it takes up less space than most sofas or futons when it is folded up as a chair.

I like this futon chair bed because it is super simple and very comfortable to sleep on (in my opinion). However, unlike other futon beds which raised off the floor, this thick foam pad lays directly on the floor. Therefore, some people may not like it.

Another drawback is that the cushions do not have removable covers. This means you’ll want to take extra care in keeping your futon clean, like using a fabric protectant.