A Futon with Storage?

Sola Futon with storage drawers
Whether or not you’ve ever wanted a futon with storage underneath – you can’t deny that these hide-away drawers are a brilliant idea.

None of us probably ever thought that a futon could become even more functional than it already is – but now its got a place to store your things!

The Pros of Having Futon with Storage:

1. The two slide-out storage compartments underneath the futon come in really handy for books, blankets, TV remotes, games, movies and more. What an easy way to clean up – just stash your things in a convenient place where you know where to find them and they’re out of sight in the meantime.

2. This sofa is super cheap – under $175 (and that includes the storage drawers!). This convertible sofa can be perfect in a dorm, game room, loft or small apartment where space is limited.

3. It can hold up to 600 pounds, but it weighs less than 75 pounds itself. This makes it easy to assemble when you get it (minimal assembly required), painless to move and just plain convenient.

4. It comes with black microfiber cushions, which are easy to clean and of course, great at concealing stains. In a busy space with lots of activity, the last thing you need is a white sofa.

The Cons of the Sola Futon:

1. It’s on the small side. When laid flat, the Sola Futon is less than 6 feet in length and only a little over 3 feet wide. This can make it challenging for some people to sleep on – let alone two. It makes more sense to kids rather than adults, if you want to use it as a bed.

2. Also, because of it’s smaller size, the back will be shorter when positioned as a sofa. Keep this in mind if you are looking for furniture with a high back. The back on this model goes up only about 15 inches higher than the seat. That said, many people who are looking for futon beds with storage typically are short on space, and therefore don’t mind having furniture on the small size – or that appears smaller so as to not break up the existing space in the room.

3. It’s not expensive looking and probably will not fit in to a formal living room – unless the room is casual. But in that case, it wouldn’t be formal. I digress. This is more of a plain, casual look.

sarahThe Bottom Line

Basically, the Sola Futon is for people who like the special storage feature and/or the price. Other than that, you can find better features on other styles, but you’ll have to find somewhere to put your stuff. =)