How Much Weight Can a Futon Hold?

As you’d expect, the weight capacity of a futon will vary depending on the size and construction. That said, I figured it would be helpful to provide a basic rundown of average futon weight limits so that you can have a better idea of what models to look for or what items to get or not get.

Convertible Futons

lodge convertible futonKeep in mind that since futons are essentially sofa sleepers, they will be designed to hold at least 2 adults, and usually significantly more weight.

For example, many of the DHP convertible futons, like the Emily, Metro, Alessa, Delaney, Metropolitan, Lodge or Chelsea have a 600 lb weight limit.

These aren’t large futons by any means (and most models weigh less than 100 lbs). Therefore, I think this is more than adequate as far as how much weight they can hold. In fact, you will find it challenging to try and seat 3 adults on one of these sofas.

Queen Futon Weight Limit

Eastridge Futon with MattressLarger queen-sized futon sofas can sometimes hold more weight.

Unlike the klik-klak style, they generally have a wood or metal frame which is separate from the mattress itself.

From what I’ve seen, a frame for a 60″ x 80″ mattress can hold 600 lbs and sometimes up to 750 lbs like the Provo.

Futon Bunk Bed Weight Capacity

Metal Futon Bunkbed with Black Matresses - How Much Weight Can a Futon Hold?Many of the less expensive “bunkbed over futon” beds (like those from Dorel/DHP) have a 200 lb weight limit for the top bed and a 600 lb weight limit for the bottom futon bed.

The cheaper models cost around $300 and usually have metal frames. Wooden-framed futon bunkbeds can cost up to $1000 and are more sturdy.

How Much Weight Can a Futon Hold?

Remember, these are average weight limits to give you a round-about idea. Check your product label for specific capacity.

  • Convertible Klik-Klak Futons: 600 lbs
  • Queen Futon Frames: 600 lbs, some up to 750 lbs
  • Futon Bunk Beds: 200 lbs (top) + 600 lbs (bottom)