Metropolitan Futon Lounger Review

Talk about versatile! This futon lounger is not only a sofa and a bed – but a double lounger as well. If you want to get the most for your money, take a look at this cool piece of furniture.

metropolitan futon loungerThe lounger…

What got my attention first of all was the double lounger set up. I love this for watching movies, reading and even working on a laptop.

It’s a way of bringing comfortable poolside relaxation right into the living room or family room to enjoy all year round. What it even cooler is that you don’t have to use it as a lounge all the time.

Switch it over to the conventional futon sofa as a seating area in a living room or great room.

metropolitan futon sofaThe sofa…

The traditional color and cushioning of this convertible futon is sophisticated and stylish enough to fit right in without looking like a cheap piece of furniture that could be used as a bed.

I can’t see who would not like this versatility and functionality, but it’s really ideal for people with limited space or who don’t want to buy a bunch of pieces of furniture. Just use this one – in multiple ways – and save yourself a bunch of money! As you can see, it looks great either way.

metropolitan futon bedThe bed…

But don’t forget the bed! Yes, when you’re done sitting and lounging it it, just lay it flat and use it as a bed. I know it sounds like it may be too good to be true, but I haven’t even covered some of its coolest features.

More Cool Features of the Metropolitan Futon:

It weighs just under 100 pounds. That’s super lightweight for any sofa bed, which also makes it really easy to move around and re-position for parties, guests and other activities. It also has a faux leather upholstery, which means that you can easily wipe it clean – and since it’s black, it will hide lots of spills and messes, making your furniture very low maintenance.

Disadvantages of this Futon…

This is not the cheapest convertible you will find. There are other awesome styles like the Emily futon that cost significantly less. If you don’t think you will take advantage of all features that this model offer, you may be better off going with another style.

Also, the faux leather aspect turns some people off. It’s not real leather and it’s not microsuede. It comes in one color, and that would be black. Just try and ask for red or blue. I dare you.

It also tends to run out of stock. Hmm. I wonder why.

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