Emily Convertible Futon with Chaise Lounger

Emily Convertible Futon with Chaise SetIn my opinion, the best furniture is the kind that is super functional, doesn’t require much maintenance and provides a lot of value for the price.

Convertible futons are a perfect example of this type of furniture.

The bonus is when the futon is expensive-looking and stylish – but doesn’t cost a lot of money. Buy the Set | Buy the Sofa | Buy the Chaise Lounge

Emily Convertible Futon with Chaise Fits in Small Spaces

Convertible futons can be a great furniture solution for small spaces because they tend to take up less space yet still provide adequate seating. Another tip for decorating small living rooms comes from Better Homes and Gardens Small Space Decorating – instead of pushing furniture up against the wall, pull it out, even if it is just a few inches. This creates the illusion of more depth and space.

This Futon Set Also Creates a Giant Bed

You can’t get much better than the Emily Convertible Futon with Chaise Lounger. Not only can you get a sofa that converts into a full-sized bed, but you get a matching chaise lounge that turns into another bed. Use them separately – or move them together to make a super big bed!

By the way, this one’s a hot seller. Is it out of stock? Check Amazon too

Bring Poolside Lounging Comfort into Your Living Room…

Indoor lounge chairs are all the rage right now. They are usually more comfortable than a basic chair, but they also look more expensive and stylish.

Loungers are perfect for watching movies or reading a good book. In fact, there are plenty of people who have fallen asleep in one before they got a chance to recline it into a bed. If this happens to you, it’s OK.

Get a Sectional Sofa for Under $350?

What’s cool about this particular lounger is that you can arrange it next to the futon sofa to create the look of a sectional. And the entire set costs less than $350. Try to get another sectional for that price, especially one that can sleep 3 people.

Talk About Low Maintenance…

Even though it’s cheap, this set requires very little care. Cushions are covered with a faux leather material that you can simply wipe clean. They are made with a high-density foam cushion that holds its shape and looks great, even with lots of use.

I’m all about saving money, but if the furniture can’t stand up to regular use or it gets dirty quickly, it ends up being a waste. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a futon.

What? I Have to Put It Together?

Assembly is required, but it is minimal. All tools that are needed are included in the product box, and get this – the legs just screw into the base. You can’t get much easier than that.

The Emily Futon Set is Not for You.

You’ve got to appreciate modern, contemporary style to like this furniture. The cushions are more firm than other models, and some people may not like the shiny chrome legs. If you want a softer, furrier sofa, don’t get this futon sofa and chair set.

That said, it’s sophisticated enough to put in most formal living rooms, especially with the chrome legs. Make it more casual with a bunch of comfy pillows and throw blankets to lounge on in front of the TV in the family room or den.

Get the Emily Convertible Futon Here

More Photos of the Emily Convertible Futon:

I found some more photos of the Emily Convertible Futon and Lounger Set.

emily sectional futon

This set is so versatile and inexpensive, I love it. Sometimes it’s hard to see what it really does unless you have pictures of it in action.

As you can see, in addition to being a sophisticated-looking living room set, it can easily convert to a comfy movie-watching lounger (in under a minute!). And when you’re done watching movies, fold it flat (in 30 seconds) and you’ve got a giant bed. OMG, it makes me want to just watch a movie right now!

emily convertible futon lounger sofa


And I can’t remember if I told you before – but you can get it in black. If you’re a white furniture-phobic like myself, you’ll appreciate the dark-colored option (even though both white and black are made of a low-maintenance faux leather upholstery that looks good for a long time and is easy to clean).


The split-back option is really cool if you are hosting a party and need additional guest seating or a large flat area to place a snack tray or other items. There are so many ways you can arrange these pieces – it’s almost like paying for 1 sofa, but actually getting lots of pieces of furniture.

And lastly, here’s the lounger by itself. I like the idea of creating a giant multi-position sectional from 2 sets of the Emily, but not all rooms can allow for that. Just as a side note, you can buy pieces separately, if you choose to get 2 loungers and a sofa for example.

emily convertible lounge