Microfiber Sofa Bed with Storage – the Pros & Cons…

Pearington Mia Microfiber Sofa Bed with Storage

There are 3 big reasons why I like the Pearington Mia Microfiber Sofa Bed with Storage underneath the seat. However, I don’t like everything about it.

1. Get the Stylish Look of a Sofa, with Futon Versatility

First of all, this convertible futon does not look like it has a pull-out bed. In fact, it looks very much like a regular living room sofa.

The fixed armrests, enclosed base and wide wooden feet give it an upgraded style. These unique features makes it appear more expensive than it actually costs ($350).

Speaking of the armrests, they actually are wide and flat enough to set items. For example, if you don’t have side tables, these armrests could suffice for setting small items.

2. Take Advantage of Extra Storage Under the Sofa Seat

Microfiber Sofa Bed Large Hidden Storage Compartment Underneath the SeatUnlike most other futons (or sofa bed for that matter), the Mia has a large storage space underneath the seat. This makes the ideal spot for keeping bedding, pillows, etc.. for the occasional overnight guest.

On the other hand, if you don’t use this sofa bed as a sleeper, you still get the bonus storage space. Use it to stow games, books, throw blankets, movies and more.

3. It’s Easier to Use than a Regular Sofa Bed

Khaki Microfiber Sofa Sleeper Bed with PillowsI think most pull-out sofa beds are heavy and difficult to move. In addition, it can be awkward and cumbersome to secure fitted sheets to the mattress.

Convertible futons tend to weigh significantly less, so you can easily maneuver them around a room. Plus, they lay flat in seconds, then you can quickly and easily lay down sheets, blankets, etc..

By the way, microfiber fabric cleans easily. That is why it is so frequently used as an upholstery fabric for furniture. The company recommends cleaning marks with a damp cloth (water). However, you can find more microfiber cleaning tips here using quick-drying rubbing alcohol and a brush.

What I Don’t Like About this Convertible Futon…

The bed itself measures approximately 70″ in length. Therefore, a 6-foot tall person can’t comfortably sleep on it. Furthermore, it’s not wide enough for 2 people to sleep on.

The microfiber fabric may not last a long time if you use the sofa daily, especially as a sleeper. (You get what you pay for, right?). For this reason, I’d say this piece of furniture may be best suited for infrequent use.

Specs for the Mia Microfiber Sofa Bed with Storage:

  • Dimensions: 85″ long x 36″ tall x 34″ wide
  • Seat Height: 17″ tall
  • Weight: 123 lbs
  • Material: Microfiber Upholstery, Foam/Polyester Fill, Solid Hardwood Frame
  • Color: Khaki
  • Includes 2 Matching Throw Pillows
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Model #: PEAR-24421
  • Get the Sofa Bed Here