Memory Foam Couch Bed – Better than an Air Mattress?

Do you want a super simple sofa sleeper for occasional overnight guests? Well, you can’t get much easier than this “fold-down” memory foam coach bed. Not to mention, the memory foam makes it extra comfortable…

Convertible Memory Foam Couch Bed

The Couch Bed is Super Easy to Use:

In fact, this “guest bed” is ready for sleeping in just a flip. The unique hinged design allows you to set up this mattress in seconds (check out the images below).

Convertible Couch Bed Made of High Density Memory Foam

Did you spill something on your sofa? No problem! Just unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine. Talk about easy, cheap and low maintenance cleaning!

Furthermore, this “couch bed in a box” really does ship to you in a compact box. Once you unpack it, the sofa expands to full size. Set up is just that easy.

The Couch Bed has a Comfortable Mattress… that is Also Safe

Many people love this sofa bed concept for its convenience. However, we can’t overlook the comfort and health-enhancing factors.

1. Get a Comfortable Sofa and Sleeper in One

First of all, you get an ultra-dense 10-inch thick memory foam mattress. So, your guests can sleep on a firm, yet soft and supportive surface that molds to the body.

How many futons or sofa sleepers really can say that they are both a comfortable sofa AND bed, right? Plus, the dense construction helps this sofa hold its form for a long time (10 year warranty!).

Memory Foam Sofa Bed that Folds Down

2. Ultra-Safe Mattress Foam Won’t Contaminate Your Home

Second, the CertiPUR-US certification assures you that the foam doesn’t have flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates or formaldehyde. In other words, you’re getting a new piece of furniture that won’t hurt you. =)

Plus, the Couch Bed produces minimal VOC emissions. Therefore, it’s good for the air quality in your home. And what better way to improve your sleep than with clean air, right?

Review of the Foldable Couch Bed:

With all of the advantages of this convertible mattress, you might already be thinking about getting one as your own bed. I mean, who wouldn’t for the low cost of $350? (It’s even cheaper than an Ikea couch bed.)

Check out the memory foam couch bed review below to see how it looks up close:

Does this Daybed Sit to Low to the Ground?

To some people, 10 inches off the floor may feel too low, especially for a sofa. That said, you can get a stand to raise your sofa (and mattress) 10 inches higher off the ground.

Adjustable Couch Bed Platform Changes Sizes to Fit Your Folding Sofa or Mattress

This elevated platform adjusts to the size of the memory foam, whether you have it folded up as a sofa or flat as a bed. Therefore, the base stand fits the dimensions of your furniture no matter how you’re using it.

Specs for the Memory Foam Couch Bed:

  • Mattress Height: 10″ Tall
  • 3 Size Options: Twin, Full or Queen (see dimensions below)
  • Mattress Material: 100% CertiPur certified ultra-dense memory foam
  • 3 Color Options: Charcoal, Limestone or Blue
  • Removable and Washable Cover
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand: CouchBed
  • Phone: 800-683-1316
  • Get the Folding CouchBed on Sale Here

Couch Bed Dimensions/Sizes:

Twin Mattress: 10″ X 38″ X 75″
Couch: 20″ X 29″ X 75″
Weight: 47 lbs

Full Mattress: 10″ X 53″ X 75″
Couch: 20″ X 38″ X 75″
Weight: 63 lbs

Queen Mattress: 10″ X 60″ X 80″
Couch: 20″ X 42″ X 80″
Weight: 72 lbs

Couch-to-Bed VS Air Mattress:

Inflatable mattresses have the advantages of being cheap and compact (when not in use). However, a mattress that folds into a functional sofa during the day saves you space too. Plus, you can use it more often. (another idea: an inflatable sofa bed.)

Therefore, if you have the space and will use an extra sofa, a couch-to-bed combo can be a wise investment. Not to mention, they can be great for lounging and watching movies (especially if you have 2 of them).