Vintage Tufted Sofa in the Form of… a Futon!

A vintage tufted sofa that you can sleep on? Who ever heard of such a thing! Well I didn’t – until just recently. I found the Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper by Novogratz.

Blue Vintage Futon

Not only is this a cool-looking piece of furniture with character, but it easily converts into a bed for overnight guests when you need it. Do you want a versatile sleeper bed but you don’t want to give up style or let on that your living room seating is a futon? This vintage futon cleverly gives you everything you want.

I Did a Vintage Futon Price Comparison

This is not the cheapest convertible futon you can get, but it’s a surprisingly good price for what you get. Here’s what I mean…

Arden Club Vintage Tufted Sofa

Just out of curiosity, I decided to check out what typical vintage tufted sofas go for in today’s market. Interesting, I found a similar match: the Arden Club Sofa for sale at a whopping $1,200!

Now, $1,200 may not be expensive for a unique vintage piece of living room furniture, but you can save a lot of money by opting for the $350 futon, and you can nap on it! (This might be a better option if you are looking for a couch or loveseat – even if you don’t even plan on using it to sleep on.)

Carved Wooden Sofa Leg, Victorian Style

What to Look for in the Details

But let’s get back to the futon. Another feature I really like (well actually it’s a combination of features) is the attention to detail. There is tufting on both the seat and back, but also custom stitching on the sides as well.

The navy blue velour upholstery is one-of-a-kind in and of itself, plus the curvature of the seat back and arms add to the style of this vintage-looking couch – but don’t overlook the carved wooden legs!

With all of these unique design features built-in, it’s easy to forget that this is a futon sofa. Yes, a futon.

Just like other convertible models, this sleeper adjusts to 3 different positions: sitting, lounging and sleeping.

Vintage Futon in Reclined Position

Don’t Get Angry

Keep in mind that like most other convertible futons, you need to give up some level of sleeping comfort to also get a sturdy sofa cushions that keep their shape and don’t look like a disaster after nights of being slept on. If you want both in one piece of furniture, you need to expect a firmer sleeping surface.

That said, some people don’t mind a not-so-soft bed and others simply place an inexpensive piece of mattress foam on top of the futon sleeper for extra cushioning.

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