5 Ways to Use a Futon Storage Ottoman

5 Ways to Use a Futon Storage Ottoman

If you are into multi-functional furniture like futons, then you’ll definitely appreciate the futon storage ottoman. They can do so many things, yet they cost so little and take up minimal space.

Here are 5 ways I like to use my futon storage ottoman:

  1. Footrest: Let’s state the obvious first. An ottoman makes a comfortable and convenient footrest without having to buy a chaise lounge. It’s more plush than a coffee table, and you won’t get scolded for putting your feet up on it.

  2. Coffee Table: Yes, storage ottomans can be coffee tables too, especially the ones that have removable tops that flip over into flat trays. Houzz says that small end tables can actually be used creatively to make some very unique and functional coffee tables without requiring much space.

  3. Storage: These ottomans aren’t just for show, or for footrests, or for tabletops. Open them up and stuff things inside them like books, magazines, blankets, remote controls and more. There are lots of ways to organize items according to Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello. It’s better than buying a bookcase, and sometimes less expensive.

  4. End Table: Smaller square storage ottomans make the perfect end tables. Place two at either end of a futon sofa for storage and drink surfaces when you need them. If you want to use them as footrests, you can simply slide them out and prop up your feet.

  5. Bench: A long rectangular-shaped double ottoman works great as a bench that can be used for additional seating when you need it. They can easily be pushed out of the way against a wall if you need more space. Giant storage ottomans can do the same thing and, in my opinion, make the perfect coffee table.

So here’s a giant futon storage ottoman:

Coffee Table, Footrest, Ottoman and Storage Chest

What I really like about this oversize ottoman is that it features 4 separate removable trays, which make it perfect for when you have guests over for a movie or a football game.

No need for a dining room table or TV trays. You’ve got everything you right in your ottoman! In fact, Bon Appetit says that you don’t need for a dining room party to throw a fancy dinner party.

The Avalon Ottoman above comes in 6 different colors, and you can choose between a contemporary linen fabric or a stylish faux leather. Lots of options here.

And there is no need to buy footrest cushions, a coffee table and storage shelves. You can save a bunch of money by just getting a single oversized ottoman.

Storage Ottoman Bench

5-Piece Storage Ottoman, 6 Colors

Small Storage Ottoman

To Match or Not To Match?

Some futon sets have matching storage ottomans (like this Delaney set), but I have not seen many that do. That said, your ottoman does not have to match your chair and sofa.

Think about it. How many sofa sets have a coffee table or end table that matches the rest of the furniture? Not many, right? SouthernLiving.com shows several ways how designers make this work – flawlessly.

So go ahead. Mix and match both style and color. My main suggestions would be to:

  • Keep a consistent 3-color theme throughout the room so that the space has more of a “designer” feel and appears more organized. I’m talking mainly about furniture, window coverings, lamps, wall pieces, rugs, etc.. For example, white, black and red or beige, brown and green.

  • Use matching futon sofas and chairs and then incorporate a contrasting storage ottoman centerpiece. This can be two futons, a futon and chair or more variations. If you want to switch up the fabric (ie microsuede sofa and chairs with a leather ottoman coffee table), try to add decor that closely matches the color and texture of the ottoman, like picture frames, lamps, etc..