How to Furnish a Living Room for Less Than $450

This 4-Piece Futon Set Costs How Much?
Delaney Modern Splitback Futon Sofa

What’s better than saving money on an awesome-looking futon sofa for your living room? Getting matching pieces to furnish the entire space for under $500!

Its Own Unique Style..

Delaney Chair in BrownThis convertible futon sofa-and-chair set with custom stitching has somewhat of a “rugged designer” feel to it. I think this makes it seem sophisticated while as the same time feel comfortable and laid back.

It doesn’t have to be dressed up to look good. Although a few stylish lamps, plants or decor items can go a long way. Think brown, black, off white or green for accessory colors to create a designer look.

$200 (Futon) + $100 (Chair) + $100 (Large Ottoman) + $50 (Small Ottoman)

Get More Value:

How to Furnish a Living Room with the Delaney Large Ottoman in BrownNot only do I love the modern, contemporary look of this matching futon set, but it is extra functional and versatile as well. The split-back futon can be folded in a variety of ways, and the chair can be folded flat as well.

But that’s not all! Both of the ottomans offer storage in addition to being useful as coffee tables or foot rests. This means that you may not have to buy extra storage cabinets or bookshelves which can take up valuable room space, not to mention cost extra money.

Buy Only What You Want:

What’s cool is that each of the pieces (futon sofa, chair and ottomans) are sold separately, so you can mix and match depending on how you want to set up your room. Get the items you want without spending more money than you have to.

For Those Who Don’t Enjoy Cleaning…

Delaney Footrest-Ottoman in BrownLooks aside, I can’t forget to mention the practical side of this furniture. The faux leather upholstery is made to be easy clean.

Plus, the brown color easily hides dirt or wear (and if you don’t like brown, you can get this set in black).

Whether you have a small apartment or are into minimalist living, this living room set provides a great solution without costing a lot of money. Store everything that you need close by and out-of-sight. (It’s a simple way to make clean-up quick and easy too!)

Get more information on the Delaney Split-Back Futon Sofa here.