Delaney Futons: Loft-Style w/ Matching Ottomans

5 Ways to Use the Delaney Futon

We already know that futons can be used as (1) sofas and (2) beds. This Delaney model also uses Click-Clack technology, so it can recline half-way to be used as a (3) sofa lounger. Another nice feature is the split-back, which allows half of the back to recline flat while the other side remains upright. This position is great for parties where you might want extra seating. I’m not sure if there’s a technical name for this, so I’ll just call it (4) party sofa.

And lastly, but probably my favorite, is the (5) sectional sofa. How, you ask? Put 2 futons together in an L-shape with a square side table in the corner at arm rest level. For less than $400, you’ve got a giant sectional sofa (that you can move around and re-arrange). Plus, you get plenty of seating – not to mention 2 beds!

Here’s the Rundown on Delaney Futons:

Delaney Futons come in black and brown. Both of these are classic colors that don’t easily show dirt and look more expensive than their $250 price tag.

They are a practical piece of furniture for virtually any homeowner (or apartment dweller) because they are so versatile and inexpensive. The faux leather fabric makes it easy to clean yet gives it a stylish contemporary look that appeals to both designers and consumers.

Furniture easily reclines to 3 different positions: sofa, lounge and sleeper. They also offer split-back functionality, enabling two people to sit or lounge in different positions. I also find these futons very easy to move.

Why Get a Set?

The Delaney Futon sofa bed is a bargain. Not only do you get the versatile, multi-function, comfortable and easy-to-clean futon sofa bed. In addition, you can get affordable and versatile small and large storage ottomans.

These ottomans have multiple functions, since you can use them to store things like games, blankets, pillows, books and video games. They also provide foot rests, tables or additional seating. For less than $300 together, it makes sense to save money and get all three. Plus, you can use them in different rooms of your home.

Decorating Ideas:

Many times, people shop for a single futon to add to an already furnished space. However, another reason that I like the Delaney line is that you can stylishly decorate an entire room with Delaney and be out-of-pocket very little money. For example, you can combine 2 futon sofas with a center ottoman as a “footrest + coffee table with storage”. (Talk about a versatile piece of furniture!)

Another idea is to create an L-shaped “sectional” sofa with a corner table that is about the height of – let’s say – arm rests. You can avoid having to buy a bulky, expensive sectional sofa, but you still get the benefits of having a spacious sofa (and a spot to place drinks and snacks).

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