Massive Giant 8’x8′ Bean Bag You Could Live On

Sumo Maximus Bean Bag LoungerWell Hello Lounger…

If you like futons, most likely you like comfortable, versatile and functional furniture that you can use to do pretty much anything.

Well, here’s another idea: Giant Bean Bags.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

These are not your typical cheap, small and flat bean bag chairs that you can find at your local super store. These are a whole other animal. First of all, they are gigantic. As you can see, this one can easily fit two adults (it’s 8 feet in diameter and a full 3 feet tall!). It’s not just for sitting and lounging, but you can sleep in it as well. Yes, it costs more, but you get more for your money.

It’s not the slick shiny vinyl that tears easily and looks cheap. You can get these in a soft microsuede fabric or a corduroy too – in 10 different colors. You can literally customize your beanbag to match your home style and the other furnishings in the room.

It Will Last as Long as a Sofa – and You’ll Use it More

The cover is also removable and washable. This is critical if you are going to be spending a lot of time on it and especially if you use it for overnight guests or have kids. The last thing you want to to worry about when you’re cozy watching your favorite movie is spilling popcorn or a drink on your furniture – just take off the cover and wash it!

Similar to futons, these beanbags are lighter in weight than your typical upholstered sofas. Even the biggest beanbag model only weighs in at 130 lbs and can easily be pushed and rolled around without scratching the floor.

But Wait – There’s More!

Besides the Maximus shown above, there are smaller sizes including the Titan, Gigantor, Sultan, Omni and several others. They can all be custom -ordered with your choice of fabric and color. Compared to traditional small beanbag chairs, they contain a special filling which makes them both soft and firm at the same time. You don’t have to worry about them going flat or losing their shape over time and having to spend money to purchase new beads to fill them.

Here’s the Problem:

After you get your Maximus Beanbag, you will lay back in it and be so comfortable not you will not be able to get up and go to work. If you set it up near a television, make sure you do not have a remote control in easy reach or you for sure will not be getting up.

Here’s a video explaining more (showing the smaller version):

And for goodness sake, please share your large bean bag chairs and let other people sit in them too.