Sauder Split-Back Sofa Futon Review: Pros & Cons…

Pros and Cons of the Sauder Futon

Plush Sauder Studio Futon Sofa in BlackThe Sauder Split-Back Sofa has the split-back sofa style, which means that the back can recline in two separate parts.

What Makes the Sauder Split-Back Futon Different?

Unlike other futons or sofas, the split-back design provides multiple seating options. On top of having an adjustable backrest, people can recline their seat-backs separately.

For example, users can lay one half of the sofa flat and keep the other half upright. This feature makes it easier to seat more people at a party. Plus, you can use the flat space as an ottoman or tabletop.

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Features I Like About the Sauder Split-Back Futon:

I think these sofas are cool because you can arrange two together to create even more seating options. The fact that they do not have armrests makes this a lot easier.

For example, you can place two facing each other and reclined at two opposite corners. Thereby, you create two loungers facing each other. Furthermore, you can arrange them with 2 corners touching to create a sectional sofa look.

It’s made from a soft, yet durable, yet easy-to-clean microfiber fabric which not only makes the furniture appear more expensive, it is super comfortable to sit on too. Sofa owners are known to regularly vacuum their furniture, and spot treatment is simply soap and water.

What I don’t like so much…

I don’t typically like shiny metal furniture legs on dark colored sofas. They tend to detract from the look of the sofa, depending on the decor of the room. That said, you can paint over the metal with a flat black or brown spray paint if you don’t like the look either.

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Another option includes the Deshler Microfiber Futon Sofa. This inexpensive convertible sofa fits people who want a soft, cushion-y place to read, watch tv, relax or sleep. Assembly is easy – just attach the legs!

Plush Grey Sauder Deshler Convertible FutonWhat Do I Like About It?

I like this style because it looks more like a sofa than a futon. It has a simple, modern design, but it fits well in a traditional den or home office as well.

The sofa has a plush yet durable microfiber fabric that also resists stains. The manufacturer made a good decision here, because you cannot remove the futon cover.

Some Notes on the Bed Feature:

Of course, this convertible futon can be used as a bed as well. The plush cushioning and microfiber fabric make it extra comfortable, however, there is a small gap in the center when the bed is laid flat. Some users simply stuff towels in this space, while other people are not bothered by it.

Who Should Buy this Sauder Convertible Futon?

The price and durability makes the Sauder a nice option for college students or budget-minded apartment dwellers.