Mainstays Contempo Futon Review

Mainstays Contempo Futon in BlackBuy ButtonIf you’re looking for an easy and cheap futon, the Mainstays Contempo Futon is one of the most popular convertible sofas out there.

It has the versatile and functional klik-klak style, with the arms (or “wings”) that fold up on the sides and the back with multiple reclining positions, including a double bed.

Is the Mainstays Contempo Futon the Smartest Choice?

It’s super soft and comfortable, has versatile positions and is easy to put together – yet it’s only about $160. Seriously! The amount of sleeping, sitting and lounging you can get out of this futon makes it well worth the small price.

It’s a popular choice for college students, either for the price or that it tends to make students study more. 😉

Lounge (I Mean Study) on the Soft Microfiber-Suede Fabric…

I’ve been a long-time fan of microfiber fabric. In my experience, it’s been durable, easy to clean and holds it’s shape better than other fabrics. Great for a sofa – and the fact that it’s suede-soft is even better.

** However, if you have a furry friend running around the house, a dark-colored shade can show fur more and may not be your best option…

Are You a Spiller?

If you tend to spill a lot, especially while you’re studying, you may want to whip out some Scotchgard Fabric Protector that will repel spills and block stains. Your futon won’t look any different, and your friends will never know you sprayed it on!

Getting It

Have the futon shipped directly to you or order it online and pick it up at your nearby Walmart store. It’s simple to put together – attach the cushions together, the bottom frame to the cushions and the legs to the frame. All you need is a hex key tool – and that’s included in the package.

Ready to start lounging? Get it Here

Color options are black charcoal, chocolate or red.

As a Sofa:  72″ W x 36″ D x 34″ H
As a Bed:  72″ L x 45″ W x 14.5″ H

Product Weight: 69.5 lb.