The Metropolitan Futon Lounger – The Good and The Bad

DHP Metropolitan Futon Lounger
Is the Metropolitan Futon Lounger Different?

There are lots of futon sofas that recline to several different positions. However, there aren’t that many models that recline in two different directions.

This feature offers many more possibilities with your futon – and actually turns it into 3 different type of furniture: [1] a couch and [2] a double lounger and the obvious, [3] a bed. This means that you can use it in a more formal seating arrangement for visiting with guests… and then switch it to a more casual set-up for relaxing or watching movies.

In short, you’re paying for one piece of furniture, but you’re actually getting the functionality of two. And speaking of price, this convertible futon is not expensive.

Actually, it’s less than $300.

In fact, some people are so surprised at the price that they furnish their living room or family room with 2 of them – using one as a sofa and one as a recliner.

Are 2 Better than 1?

This makes the futons even more functional, because now they can used together in one room, separately in 2 rooms, combined together as sofas to create a sectional, as 2 loungers pushed together to create a giant movie-watching zone and more… Plus, of course, you get 2 guest beds out of the deal.

Fresh Design:

The Metropolitan Lounger has a clean, modern and timeless look. It fits well in any contemporary environment or industrial loft space.

However, because of the tufted upholstery, it can fit in with more traditional or even ranch-style decor – as well as you partner it with the appropriate furnishings. (Accent pillows, blanket throws and coffee tables can work wonders here.)

But Still Get the Advantages of a Cheap Futon…

Like many convertible sofas you’ve probably seen, this one has faux leather upholstery and is short-on-size when compared to a traditional mattress. You can have it shipped directly to you for free – the trade off is that there is minimal assembly required.

These features can be a win for some people, while not so great for others.

Here are the advantages:
Faux Leather Tufting on Metropolitan Futon

  • The faux leather upholstery is easy to clean and therefore tends to look newer for longer. Simply wide it down with a wet cloth.
  • The black color typically looks better for longer because it doesn’t show marks and dirt. It also adds a level of sophistication to the furniture and works better with other styles of furnishings.
  • The shorter length (about 6′ long) fits well in smaller spaces. It will also make average-sized rooms look more spacious (this is a key tool that interior designers use in home decorating).
  • The smaller size makes the futon lighter in weight – less than 100 lbs. It’s easier to carry and move.

Now, for the “Bad”…

1. As I mentioned above, this is not really a full-sized sleeper, since it measures at 6′ long. If you are taller than 6 feet and plan to use this as a bed often, You probably won’t like it.

2. It has no armrests. Unless you position 2 taller end tables alongside of this futon sofa, you may not like the fact that there is nowhere to set your arms. Yes, futons don’t typically have armrests, but if you want them, you are better off going with a convertible sofa like this one.

3. There is some assembly, so be ready to screw on the legs.

4. It’s not real leather. Do you care?

Metropolitan Futon Dimensions
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  • Dimensions: 37.5″ x 73.5″ x 32.5″
  • Futon weight: 98 pounds
  • Seat Height from floor: 14.5″
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs
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