Want a Pink Futon? Choose from 4 Unique Pink “Sofas”

Do you want a pink futon that you can use as a sofa – and also a bed? You’ve got a few different options, however, my favorite sofa-style is this pink midcentury futon from Novogratz…

Midecntury Modern Pink Futon Sofa

The vintage design combined with the tufted upholstery make this piece look more like a sofa than a futon. In fact, many people mistake it for an antique-style couch.

In addition, the memory foam cushions provide cushiony comfort, whether you are sitting or sleeping. People often complain that futons don’t make comfortable beds, so this feature is a plus in my book.

Note: That said, keep in mind that this is a $400 futon and not an $800+ couch.

Pink Daybed with Pull-Out TrundleIn other words, don’t expect seats that you can sink into or a sleeping platform that feels like a mattress.

Speaking of mattress, this tufted sofa also comes as a daybed with a pull-out trundle. You get deeper seats and more sleeping space, but it costs more.

Essentially, you get a sophisticated looking piece of furniture, a sofa sleeper at a 50%+ cost savings. However, you don’t get the extra deep seats of feather-like feel that comes with a cloud sofa.

Specs for the Midcentury Modern Pink Futon:

  • Dimensions: 83″ Long x 33.5″ Wide x 32.5″ Tall
  • Sleeping Dimensions: 73″L x 44″W x 17.5″H
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Upholstery: Velvet
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Novogratz
  • Where to Buy the Midcentury Futon/Sofa

Alternatively, the Ivana Transitional Sofa features a tufted pink velvet upholstery in a more classic square shape. Compared to the midcentury futon above, the Ivana sits about an inch higher with a taller seat back.

The slightly taller height combined with the vertical stitching on the cushions make it look larger and more substantial. However, it actually measures about 1.5″ shorter in length.

Ivana Pink Contemporary Futon Sofa with Vertical Stitching

Specs for the Midcentury Modern Pink Futon:

How to Save Money on a Pink Convertible Futon:

On the other hand, DHP makes their slightly smaller Hayden convertible futon in pink for about half the price. Nonetheless, you still get arm rests and plush stitched cushions that give it that sofa-look.

DHP Hayden Pink Futon Sofa with Soft Microfiber Cushions and Armrests

In addition, the Hayden features a more relaxed and casual (yet modern) style. Plus, its boxy shape, square stitching and straight legs help it blend in well in modern, contemporary homes.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t care for upgraded fabric, unique design or a longer sofa, the Hayden can be a good option.

Specs for the Midcentury Modern Pink Futon:

  • Dimensions: 78″ Long x 33.5″ Wide x 32.5″ Tall
  • Sleeping Dimensions: 78″L x 44″W x 17.5″H
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Upholstery: Microfiber
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Dorel Home Products
  • Get the Hayden Futon Here

Pink Futon for Kids:

In addition, I really like the pink velvet futon from DHP for kids. Its simple style and smaller size make it perfect for a little girl’s room.

Pink Velvet Futon Sofa with Split Back Design and Tufted Upholstery

This contemporary convertible lounger even features a split-back design. Therefore, you can fold the seat back down as 2 separate parts. In other words, this sofa gives you more versatility.

In addition, it assembles in minutes because all you need to do is unfold the futon and attach the legs. And since it ships folded, this keeps the pice low. In fact, this pink convertible sofa costs less than $250 and ships for free.

Specs for the DHP Pink Velvet Futon Sofa: