Not an Outdoor Futon – But Close

Who doesn’t want to take a nap outside on a warm, breezy summer afternoon?

Traditional chaise loungers are nice, but today we can actually get a full-on outdoor bed! These outdoor futons and sleepers are tough: designed to stand up to sun, rain and wind. At the same time, they also add a cozy, resort-feel to your yard – making it very inviting for a good book or an afternoon nap.

Providence Green Outdoor Day Bed

The Providence Outdoor Day Bed is one of these awesome backyard additions. It even comes with sun protection as well. In fact, it actually looks like a daybed you might have in your home.

Color Options: Many people like the green color, as this subtle, natural color fits in with the greenery in most backyards. That said, this daybed does come in red as well.

Not a Futon: OK, so I said this outdoor sofa was not a futon, and I wasn’t kidding. It doesn’t recline or convert. However, you can use it as both a sofa and a bed. That does count for something. And the fact that it comes with a built-in canopy is something that other futons cannot compete with.

Other Cool Stuff:

  • The Providence is well-built. The frame is steel and the structure is all-weather wicker. I know from experience, this material does not fade and continues to look great for years. It is easy to clean, and it gives and upgraded look to patio furniture.

  • The cushions and canopy are all made with polyester, designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Not only that, they have an additional layer of UV protection to slow down fading and wear. Note: as with most outdoor cushions, they fabric is not waterproof. If you leave them out in the rain for long periods, be prepared to air them out. One suggestion is to apply a high tech fabric guard designed for car convertible tops that helps repel water.

  • One thing I like about this outdoor sofa is that it only weighs about 125 lbs. It’s also a piece of cake to put together. Having furniture that is lighter-weight makes it more convenient to move if needed and just a lot less hassle.

  • The seat is almost 4 feet deep! This is no shallow sofa. The length is about 68 inches long, which does not make it ideal for sleeping people who are taller than 6 feet, but the shorter length makes it more manageable and easier to fit on decks and patios.

  • Providence makes an entire line of patio furniture, so if you’re looking for chairs, tables, lounges or gliders to match, you will have no problem.