My Favorite Chaise Futon: Pros + Cons

futon chaiseIf you are looking for a chaise lounge for a living room, family room or office – that you can also use as a bed – look no further. I’ve found an awesome chaise futon!

It’s the Lenard Chaise, and you can get it shipped to you for free. Yes, you read that right.

It’s super plush with pillow-top cushioning and looks a lot more elegant that a traditional futon bed. It’s also got a faux leather upholstery, which makes it easy to clean and helps it keep its shape over time.

The Big Bonus:

chaise futon setThe big bonus is that you can get a matching convertible sofa bed to go with it, and this way you can create a sectional-style sofa. Use it as one big couch or use them separately – or change them around as your needs change.

They are much lighter in weight than regular upholstered furniture, so they are easy to move (the chaise futon weighs in at less than 100 pounds!).

Furthermore, they both fold down into beds, so you’ll have plenty of space for overnight guests. For people who want to get a lot of value for their money spent, you can’t get much better than this.

The Drawbacks….

Well, it only comes in black, so if you want brown or white you are out of luck. If you’re looking for real leather, you’re not in the right place either. But wait, there’s more!

It also does not come with armrests. For creating a sectional, this is actually a good thing because armrests can get in the way. However, some people prefer armrests on a chaise lounger. One way to get around this is to position a side table next to the chaise at a height that works for you.

Make Your Own Double Lounger

Why not? They’re super comfortable, and by putting two together (or three…) you can create an awesome movie-watching space. Compared to purchasing a double lounger, this concept gives you the option to move your furniture around and use it in different ways, not to mention sleep on it.

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