Klik Klak Futon Set (3 Piece) – What You Should Know

Do you want a modern, contemporary black sofa set that won’t cost you a bunch of money? You can create a matching klik klak futon set with this black faux leather futon sofa and matching chaise lounge.

Black Faux Leather Klik Klak Sofa Set

In my opinion, futon sets make the futon look more like a sofa, which many people like. Plus, the sleek simple styling and relaxed chaise give these 2 pieces a sophisticated look.

In other words, you can upgrade the look of a living room or den while making it more functional as well. For example, you can use them as 2 separate pieces of furniture, convert them to beds or even use them together as a double sofa lounger.

Not to mention, the sofa and chaise are easy to move because they don’t weigh much. Therefore, you can quickly and easily move them as needed without them causing an inconvenience.

The previous 3-piece set is no longer available, but I actually prefer this 2-piece matching ensemble better. It looks more expensive and provides more sleeping space, yet it doesn’t cost any more money.

This Klik Klak Futon Set has Multiple Uses…

What I really like about furniture sets like this is that you can arrange and use them in multiple ways.

For example, you can set them up as shown in the photo, or you can position the futon and chair side-by-side to create a longer sofa. Simply lay the chair flat alongside the flat futon to lengthen the sleeping space too.

You can use the ottoman as a central table for snack trays, or you can place it against the chair or futon to create a lounger. You can fold the chair flat to use it as a bench for additional seating, etc..

Sophisticated, Yet Simple.

They have the sophisticated look of platform furniture, yet they are simple to put together – just screw the legs on the base.

Klik Klak Furniture Specs:

  • 2-Person Sofa converts into a sleeper.
  • Convertible matching chaise reclines into a second bed.
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Legs: Chrome Metal
  • Seat Height: 15.7″ Tall
  • Sofa Weight: Approximately 52 lbs
  • For Sale: Buy the Klik Klak Sofa Here