Julia Futon with Cup Holder – How Does it Compare?

Check out this stylish black faux leather futon with fold-down cup holders!

Whoever thought of this sofa-with-cup-holder idea has brains!

The Julia Convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Drink Holder keeps beverages contained, secure ad out of the way. However, you can still easily reach them.

Plus, when you don’t have any items on the center flip-down table, just push it back into the sofa. The table turns into a seat back cushion!

According to Martha Stewart in her book How to Decorate, rooms are no longer limited to the functions that their names imply. The idea is to make spaces comfortable and inviting. Having versatile, multi-functional furniture makes this a whole lot easier.

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Look Ma – No Spills!

Even if you have never wished that you had a drink holder in your sofa, it sure beats a coffee table – or no table at all. Not only are cup holders more convenient – they make drinks less likely to spill, especially if you are playing video games or want to put your feet up on the table.

I even have friends who keep their TV remote in their drink holder. It’s easier to keep track of for one thing. And there’s snacks, cell phones, etc…

And what if you work from home? Do you ever wish you could work from your sofa? With the fold-down tray, you can keep work materials close at hand while working from your laptop.

But you don’t need to use the fold-down tray/holder all the time. Fold it back for additional seating – and of course when it’s being used as a bed.

Who is it For?

This futon is also a great option for people who are short on space, like in a college dorm room. Since the built-in tray eliminates the needs for a coffee table, a lot more space just opened up in the room.

With multiple reclining positions, this convertible futon is ideal for entertaining, movie watching, game playing or lounging with friends. Get two futons if you want to turn an extra room or den into a home movie theater.

Man Cave Material…

The fabric is faux leather, so these futon sofas are not only durable and versatile – they look great in any man cave. They are not cheap-looking – yet at this price, you can get 2 for less than the price of one regular sofa.

Get it here for $292

Color options are black, grey or vanilla.