Is There Such Thing as a Round Futon?

Orbit Lounger in the BackyardWhen I was a child, I had a love for round beds. In fact, when I was 8 years old, I tried to talk my parents into buying me a circular waterbed with a fur comforter (… it was the 70’s).

I have yet to come across a futon in the shape of a circle. However, I found a piece of furniture that I think qualifies. It’s the Orbit Lounger.

If you’ve never seen it before, you’ve got to check it out.

It’s actually designed as an outdoor poolside or patio lounger. However, with its cushioning and unique design, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it indoors. It doesn’t look like your regular cheap plastic fold-up chaise.

Why I Like this Round “Futon”

It’s also big. It’s a double lounger, so when laid flat it can easily be used as a bed for one overnight guest or maybe 2 small guests. When upright, it can be set at several incline positions, making it ideal for movie watching, reading or simply lounging.

Pile a bunch of oversized cushions and soft fuzzy blankets on this baby and you may have a problem keeping the rest of your family off of it…

The Orbit Lounger has Unique Features

The Orbit Lounger has something that most futons don’t have: both ends can be adjusted. Therefore, you can raise both ends so that you can prop your feet up as well if you want.

Not only that, but both sides can be adjusted separately. For example if two people are sitting on the Orbit, one person can be sitting up while the other one is laying down – or they can sit at different inclines.

One Disadvantage of this Round Futon

Since this is not a mattress, don’t expect it to feel like one. The cushion is only about 3″ thick, significantly less than a futon, so overnight guests expecting a plush bed may not be happy.

That said, you can add a layer of foam on top (as some people do with their futons) to add extra cushioning. There is plenty of space underneath the furniture to store a rolled-up piece of foam out of sight when not in use.

You can get it for under $300!

SarahLike many convertible futons, this unique piece of furniture is budget-friendly. It’s well-made with durable materials, and it offers lots of versatility. It is also fairly lightweight for its size, therefore making it easy to move. This can be handy if you get tired of your guests and want them to sleep outside.

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