Make a Futon LOOK Expensive w/ Futon Pillows & Covers

How do you dress up inexpensive futon to make it look more like a sophisticated designer piece? With stylish throw pillows, of course.

How to Make a $200 Futon Look Expensive with Pillows

I like to get plain pillow inserts and separate cushion covers. This way, I can remove the covers to clean them or switch up the covers to change the look of the entire sofa (without having to buy a ton of pillows).

These poly form hypo allergenic inserts are only about $6, so 4 of them cost less than $25. You can then buy whatever pillow covers you like (or even sew your own!).

I was surprised to find out how many pillow styles are available for under $10 apiece. However, you can save even more money by purchasing pillow covers in 4-cover sets.

Basically, a 4-set of inexpensive pillow inserts and covers can run you about $60, but they can enhance the appearance of your futon sofa by up to $400. Furthermore, they are functional, adding more comfort that you can position wherever you want on your futon.

Futon Pillow Sets:

Cartoon Character Pillows, Set of 4

Aquatic Pillow Covers, Set of 4

Set of 4 Bird Pillow Covers

Of course, you can get single pillow cases if you don’t want a set of 4 or if you want to mix and match as you like. Here are some examples of sophisticated stylish pillowcases that affordable and cool. In fact, you may only need one or two pillows to totally transform the look of your futon.

Individual Futon Pillows:

Turquoise Flower Pillow

Gray Satin Rose Flower Pillow

Gray Faux Fur Pillow

Gray Feather-Style Pillow Cover

White Faux Fur Pillow Cover

Satin Gray Diamond Chain Style Pillow Cover