Futon Dimensions L x W [+ Mattress Size Chart ]

Futon Size:

emily convertible futonFutons come in all sizes, and measurements will vary by brand or type of futon. For example, a futon frame that is separate from the mattress itself can add extra length to the bed.

(Check the chart below to see average futon measurements.)

Therefore, you want to double check dimensions of the product you are buying so that you can make sure it will fit in the space you have planned.

Futon Thickness:

Futons come in different thicknesses as well, usually around 6″ to 10″ thick. The thicker ones add more padding and therefore are more comfortable for sleeping.

Many one-piece klik-klak sofas include a firmer mattress so as to maintain the shape and structure of the sofa. They don’t have as much cushioning, so they tend to be less comfortable to sleep on. They typically run shorter as well.

Below, I’ve listed the average futon dimensions (for the mattress) in inches.

Normal/Standard Futon Mattress Size Chart:

Futon Mattress Size

Futon Dimensions

39″ Wide x 75″ Long
54″ Wide x 75″ Long
60″ Wide x 75″ Long
76″ Wide x 80″ Long

Futon Mattress Size Sheets?

If you want to know what the measurements are for a futon vs bed – they are the same. Just take into account the frame if it comes separate from the mattress.

Futon Sheets from DHP - a Sheet Set Specifically Designed to Fit Smaller Convertible FutonsTherefore, if you want to fit sheets to a queen-sized futon mattress, simply buy queen-sized sheets.

Having said that, you can actually buy futon sheets. In other words, a sheet set designed specifically for convertible futons (like the Emily Futon).

Actually, DHP (futon manufacturer) makes them to fit these shorter-sized beds perfectly. Sheet dimensions: 68″ wide x 87″ long. So, if you happen to have a small futon or one made by Dorel Home Products, you may want to check out this sheet set. Check them out below:

Futon Size Mattress Pad

Many people like the idea of a convertible futon or sofa bed, but they want to make them more comfortable. You can easily do this with memory foam or mattress toppers.

Either padding option will cost you about $30, and you can use the size chart above to get the right size for your futon mattress.

Tips for Checking Futon Dimensions:

Some Klik Klak futons are designed to fit in smaller spaces, like college dorm rooms. Instead of many other convertible sofas that can sleep 2 people when laid flat, these are meant to only fit one person.

This can be great for people who have limited space, but not so great for people who want a 2-person bed or a sofa with a higher back. make sure you read the item description before making a purchase so you get what you want. Pictures can sometimes be deceptive.

Futon Chair Size and Dimensions

Some matching chairs recline flat as well, but not necessarily a size big enough to sleep on. Sure, they are versatile and can be used as a bench or a long ottoman when unfolded.

However, you can position them to extend the length of a matching futon sofa. Therefore, you can make them longer and more comfortable for overnight guests.

  • Chair (Single) Futon Measurements: 28″ x 54″