This Folding Ottoman Sofa Bed has 4 Big Advantages…

Do you want to have a place where overnight guests can sleep, but you don’t have room for an extra bed? This folding ottoman sofa bed is surprisingly compact. Plus, you can use it as a chair or footrest as well!

Folding Ottoman Sofa Bed

1. Compact Ottoman Makes Efficient Use of Space:

First of all, the ottoman only takes up about 6 square feet of floor space (2′ x 3′). As a result, you can fit it virtually anywhere in your home, even a closet.

The boxy rectangular shape enables it to fit snugly into a corner or against a wall. Plus, you can set other items on top of it to make even more efficient use of space.

If you live in a small apartment or dorm room, space-saving furniture like this really comes in handy. Or if you ever need to take a nap at work, this inconspicuous chair-cushion could provide the perfect solution. =)

5 Settings of Ottoman Sofa Bed Recliner

2. Use This Folding Chair Bed in Multiple Ways:

Second, you can easily move this compact piece of furniture by lifting it or pushing it across the room. Therefore, you can instantly change its function simply by moving it around.

Convertible Ottoman Bed - the Smallest Bed Ever?

For example, you can use the folding ottoman as a footrest when you sit on your couch. Or use it as an extra seat for guests.

Alternatively, you can slide the ottoman next to a table and use it as a chair. And if you have two of them, you can arrange them together as a bench next to a wall or window.

3. Use 2 Folding Convertible Chairs Together to Create a Double Bed

Now, you don’t have to have an extra room in your house dedicated as the “guest bedroom”. Simply unfold your ottomans when you need a sleeper bed.

Convertible Chair Lounger - from Ottoman Cushion to a Single Bed

Otherwise, you can use them as extra chairs, cushions or comfortable TV loungers. The backrest reclines to 5 different positions, so you can truly customize the comfort to your personal preference.

In fact, you may end up incorporating them into your everyday furniture and get a ton of use out of them. They have a sturdy design with thick cushioning, so they can hold up to frequent use.

4. This Ottoman Sofa Sleeper is Super Simple to Use:

In addition to being ultra-versatile, comfortable and easy to move around, this “guest bed” is easy to set up and use. Just unfold it.

Folding Futon Chair

Plus, you can unzip, remove and wash the cushion covers. The clever design makes it very user friendly, much like a convertible futon, yet without taking up as much space.

Note: This multi-functional ottoman holds the entire folded-up bed underneath the cushion. Consequently, you can’t use this as a “storage ottoman” to keep other items.

Specs for the Folding Ottoman Sofa Bed:

  • Chair Dimensions: 47″ Long x 37.4″ Wide x 32″ Tall
  • Bed Size: 74″ Long x 37.4″ Wide x 17″ Tall
  • Folded: 27″ Long x 37.4″ Wide x 17″ Tall
  • Weight: 71 lbsPlush Brown Folding Ottoman Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Alloy Steel Frame
  • Frame Finish: Semi-Matte
  • 5 Adjustable Backrest Positions
  • Upholstery Material: Cotton
  • Removable, Washable Cover
  • Cushion: High Density Foam
  • Includes Matching Bolster Pillow
  • 8 Colors: Grey, Navy, Blue, Brown & More
  • Indoor Use
  • No Assembly Required
  • Brand: Diophros
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Folding Sofa Bed