Convert-a-Couch Review

Baja Futon SofaA lot of people like the concept of convertible futons simply because they look more like a modern sofa than a dorm room futon or sleeper bed. I get it. I mean, who wants to feel like they are entertaining guests on a bed?

Of course, the nice thing about convertible futons (vs a sofa bed or a pull-out couch) is that they are typically less expensive, less bulky, easier to move and easier to position as a bed.

So why get a sofa sleeper like the Baja Convert-a-Couch?

Well, here’s what I found out.

It’s as Light as a Feather… +125 lbs

The Convert-a-Couch is actually lightweight (125 pounds) compared to a traditional sofa bed. Yes, it looks heavy and bulky, but it’s not. You get the look and feel of a substantial piece of furniture without the downside of heavy lifting.

It’s Quite Deceptive

Something else I noticed is that when this convertible couch is reclined into a bed, it actually looks like a bed. That’s right, it does not look like a futon or a sofa. In fact, if you first saw it as a bed, you might never guess that you could use it as a sofa too.

Cake? Did You Say Cake?

Many times, I think futons simply can’t hide the fact that they are a part-time bed and a part-time sofa. This can be a drawback, but the trade-off is that the price is significantly lower on these types of sleepers. However, what if you could have your cake and eat it too?

What I mean is… what if you could have a sofa that looks like a sofa, a bed that looks like a bed and a low price that makes you do a double take? And on top of that, what if it was on sale?

But Wait… There’s More.

Now, if you’ve ever shopped for a futon before, you know that a 10″ futon mattress is a luxury. You will pay more for it because it’s more comfortable than thinner versions. Well, the Baja comes with a 10″ pillow-top, so there is no need to pull out the extra layer of foam to make sure your overnight guests sleep in comfort.

Baja 3-Piece Futon Sofa and 2-Chair SetWhat About Spilling on It?

With convertible sofas and futons, I like to like to ensure that my furniture stays looking newer for longer, so using a fabric protectant is on my list. That said, the Convert-a-Couch comes with a stain-resistant microfiber fabric and removable covers – a big bonus in my book.

It’s not very often that we find a convertible couch bed that offers all of these benefits and very few drawbacks. In fact, it’s better than many of the cool sofas that I’ve seen at Ikea.

I’m personally impressed, and the fact that you can get it in 4 different colors is the icing on the cake (khaki, charcoal grey, black and dark brown).

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