What’s My Favorite College Futon Under $150?

What is my favorite college futon?DHP Lodge Futon $117-$144

Not everyone likes the DHP Lodge Futon.

In fact, there is plenty to not like about it. It’s small. The mattress is not thick. The sofa doesn’t have armrests. It only comes in 4 colors. It requires assembly. Etc..

That said, it is priced at under $150.

What Makes it the Perfect College Futon?

However, there are plenty of things about it that I find a perfect match for a dorm room futon, or even a small apartment sofa bed. Let me list them off for you and explain why:

1. The Futon has a Compact Size.

Let’s face it, dorm rooms and college apartments are small. Large sofas have no place there. If they can actually fit through the door, they will take over the entire room. Smaller is better.

Not all futons are small. This model is designed with “small space living” in mind. Dimensions: 66.5″ long x 33″ wide x 30″ tall

Microfiber Fabric on College Futon

2. You Can Easily Clean this Futon.

The soft microfiber upholstery is easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Furthermore, the neutral dark color options make this sofa bed hide dirt well. This is ideal for college students, since they typically have better things to do than clean anyway.

3. This Furniture Requires Minimal Effort to Move.

This convertible futon only weighs 51 lbs, so a single person can easily push it across a room. Compared to traditional heavier sofas, this one is simple to carry up and down stairs, move around corners and load in and out of trucks. This is very convenient for college students who move to a different dormitory or apartment every year.

On top of that, you can buy the Lodge Futon online, and it ships directly to you for free. No need to pick it up at the store or rent a truck to pick up a used sofa from a previous owner. This is seriously effortless.

4. Futons are Versatile

Whether you need a sofa, a lounger or a bed, futons can do it all. Adjust it to the position you need moment by moment. Have an unexpected overnight guest? No problem.

Of course, the light weight of this sofa make it even more versatile. Now it becomes painless to move your furniture across the room, into another room or even temporarily out on a deck or patio.

5. They Provide Quick n’ Easy Assembly

Lodge Futon LegYes, I realize that you may not want to assembly your sofa. However, convertible futons typically require only minimal work. In fact, with this job, there are not tools required.

Think of it like a 15-minute job that in return gives you free shipping because the manufacturer can ship it to you in a compact container. I’d say that’s more than fair.

There is another bonus to having furniture shipped in this assemble-yourself manner. The next time you move, you can simply fold up the futon and unscrew the legs. Now you’ve got a smaller, compact piece of furniture to move instead of a big, bulky couch. Neat, huh?

6. The Futon Features Study Construction.

For the low price, this futon sofa feels really study and is well-made with a wood frame and legs. Most customers are surprised at this, but DHP does a good job at constructing durable furnishings.

7. The Furniture Costs Less.

Obviously, you already know this or you wouldn’t be here. However, it bears mentioning again. You don’t need to wait for it to go on sale, either.

Budget-friendly furniture like this may not last forever, but you probably don’t want it to anyway. It’s designed for college, and it will serve it’s purpose well there.

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