DIY: Cheap Sectional Sofa for Under $400?

DIY: Cheap Sectional Sofa for Under $400?Dillan Futon Sofa & matching Chaise

Sectional sofas are great pieces of furniture for a living room or den. However, they can get quite expensive and be bulky, eating up a lot of space.

Convertible Futon Ideas for the Dillan Futon and ChaiseI have discovered a great alternative that costs less, takes up less space and is more versatile.

This set-up also allows you to do all sorts of entertaining, from formal dinner parties to casual get togethers to simply relaxing and watching movies.

The Convertible Futon Solution…

What I like about convertible futons is that they are so versatile. You can recline their backs or keep them upright. They are also usually lighter in weight, which makes them much easier to move.

Some of these futons come in sets, with either a reclining chair or matching chaise lounge. Get them together, and you can create your own sectional!

These pieces can easily be arranged together to create the appearance of a large sectional sofa because they don’t have armrests. The advantage of this set-up is that you can can create a sectional sofa when you want it.

Plus, you can also use the pieces of furniture separately if that works better for what you are doing. And remember, convertible futons, chairs and loungers generally weigh 50-100 lbs (or less!), so it’s a piece of cake to move them.

Potential Drawbacks:

Because convertible futons are typically smaller than sofas, they create smaller sectionals. Although this can an advantage to some, it can be a disadvantage to others. The seat back doesn’t come up as high, and the length of the sofa is shorter.

Some people don’t like the missing armrests, although I have a simple solution below.

The color options for the Dillan are lighter, neutral shades. They don’t hide marks and wear as well as darker colors.

Creating Your Own Cheap Sectional Sofa Armrests:

Some people prefer traditional sofas because of their comfortable armrests. However, in this case, the lack of armrests works to your advantage.

End Table Set to Use as Futon Arm Rests
End Table Set for Only $36
In replace of armrests, I like to use end tables. They are functional in a variety of ways, whether you want to rest your arm, a drink, a snack, a lamp, your phone, the remote control, etc.

Another bonus is that end tables can also me moved separately from the furniture. Having this flexibility makes it even easier to custom design your living room in a variety of different ways. You can also choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes, depending on your needs.

The seat of the Dillan futon and chaise sit about 14.5″ off the floor, and the Furinno End Tables shown on the right are about 19.5″ tall, so they are a perfect height. Plus, the price is a deal too.

Dillan Convertible Futon Specs:

  • Comes in Vanilla, Tan or Grey
  • Vanilla is faux leather, Tan and Grey are microfiber upholstery
  • Get More information: Dillan Futon + Dillan Chaise

Here are the dimensions:

Dillan Futon and Chaise Dimensions

Dorel Home Products creates an entire line of futons made for “living”. Their furniture is not just for sleeping, or for sitting. No, it’s for doing everything, from relaxing to entertaining guests to doing homework to watching a movie to eating dinner and more.