Metro Futon Sofa Bed Review

The Metro Futon Sofa – a More Traditional Look.

Some people want the versatility of a futon, but they also want the look of a traditional sofa – with armrests. Besides being visually appealing, armrests can also be comfortable and functional, especially on furniture without side tables. The Metro Futon Sofa delivers in this department.

metro futonA Futon Disguised as a Sofa…

Buy ButtonMost convertible futons do not have armrests, but the Metro does. In fact, if I didn’t say it was a futon, you might have guessed it was a couch.

For spaces where you want to achieve a more formal look, look for arm rests.

This sofa has the Klik Klak technology, but the armrests are stationary. This keeps the futon bed simple to adjust, but if you don’t want armrests at the end of your bed, this is something to consider.

Here’s something else to think about if you are trying to create a sophisticated look. Sabrina Soto, author of Sabrina Soto Home Design, says that a white-black-flannel grey color scheme creates a simply sophisticated space when you use black as the accent color to stand out from the otherwise neutral color scheme.

The Pros and Cons of High-Density Foam in Futons:

The mattress is firm, made of high-density foam – yet it is comfortable for sleeping, if you don’t mind a firm surface. This means the cushions will hold their shape and last longer – ideal for futons used more frequently. Check out a pillow-top model if you want something with more cushioning.

Look Ma! No Chrome!

One visual difference between this convertible sofa and others is that the legs are made of wood, rather than chrome. Some people prefer wooden legs for a more traditional classic look, since chrome can appear more modern and contemporary.

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Available in black, brown, red and tan.