Kebo Contemporary Futon Review – Cheap, but Any Good?

What I Like and Dislike About this Futon…

kebo futonThe Kebo Futon Sofa Bed is another inexpensive option in convertible futons. I costs less than $200.

At this price point, this piece of furniture looks like a deal. However, lets look at the pros and cons…

What’s Wrong with the Kebo Contemporary Futon?

I found one main drawback with this model. It measures shorter and narrower than most other futon sofa beds. Many customers think it should be called a twin sized bed rather than a full-sized futon.

…Or Maybe the Kebo Futon is the Perfect Size?

However, you may prefer a shorter futon if you have limited space. Smaller furniture can make a small room look bigger.

In addition, smaller-sized futons make a great seating option for a kids’ room, play room, den or even entryway.

Furthermore, people who don’t want to spend a lot of money like having the option of a smaller, cheaper futon sofa. The modern design and simple lines of the Kebo make it easy to fit into virtually any space.

With the money you save, you can dress it up with plush cushions. Plus, a comfy throw blanket and makes it an inviting place to relax, lounge and take a nap.

I have another decorating tip for you. Tie everything together with color, according to Laura McDonald, American Society of Interior Designers.

You don’t have to have a matching furniture set to create a stylish sophisticated look. Whether you paint cabinets or a coffee table to match your furniture or you get inexpensive cushions or accessories to color-match, use this designer strategy to save yourself a bunch of money.

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adela pillowtop futonAn alternative to the Kebo is the Adela Pillowtop Futon, which is almost as cheap at $179, but has an additional cushion-y pillow top.

Great for small spaces, but is shorter and folds down to a single size sleeper. Because the sleeper is smaller, so is the back of the sofa. For some, not as comfortable.


But Wait – There’s More!  More Furniture I Mean.

kebo futon 3-piece setAlternatively, you could create a contemporary living room, complete with sofa sleeper, chair and ottoman, for under $250!

Does This Look Like a $250 Furniture Set to You?

Well, it is. Not only that, it’s extremely versatile and just waiting to get used… a lot.

Push the ottoman against the sofa or chair to create a lounger or use it for additional seating. Alternatively, you can transform it into a coffee table for drink-and-snack trays.

This is a great deal for people buying their first set of living room furniture, or people wanting to furnish a guest bedroom or guest house. It has a classic look that won’t go out of style, and you can use this versatile piece of furniture in a variety of different ways.