Emily Convertible Futon Review – Why Do People Love it?

The Emily Convertible Futon ranks as one of the top 5 cheap futon beds because it costs less than $250. In addition, it features a modern, contemporary design and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

emily convertible futonHowever, this is a cheap convertible couch. Is this piece of furniture really worth the money? We take a look…

Review of the Emily Convertible Futon

1. This Futon is Easy and Hard to Find at the Same Time

First of all, you can usually find this futon on Amazon. In other words, it’s easy to find. Having said that, the Emily futon frequently sells out.

Even if they have pieces in stock, they may not have the color you want when you want to buy it. Therefore, I suggest shopping in advance and checking every few days to see if they have re-stocked your color. (It also doesn’t hurt to compare their prices either!)

2. The DHP Emily Futon Looks Stylish, but Lacks Cushioning

Second, the DHP Emily Convertible Sofa has a sturdy frame and high-density foam cushions that hold their shape well. In a well-designed living room or office, this futon sofa can actually appear more expensive than it cost you.

On the other hand, the dense cushioning doesn’t have a lot of “give” to it. In other words, many people don’t think it makes a comfortable bed.

3. Versatile Futon Design Gives You More Flexibility

Third, this convertible couch has a “split-back” design, meaning one side can recline separately from the other. For example, you can lay one side flat while leaving the other side upright.

Alternatively, you can recline one side back further than the other. For instance, if you are watching a movie with a friend and she wants to sit upright while you recline back, you can do that. See how it folds in the video below:

4. You Can’t Remove the Cover on the Emily Futon

Fourth, unlike some futon beds, you can’t remove a futon cover. This “Klik-Klak” style comes as a single unit, so you can’t take the cover off and throw it in the washing machine.

However, the manufacturer took this factor into account and designed their convertible futons to have easy-clean upholstery. In addition, many of their neutral and darker colors don’t show dirt or marks as much.

Emily Futon Sofa in Burgundy Velvet Upholstery

5. The Smaller Futon Size Can be a Pro or a Con

Fifth, the Emily futon runs smaller than standard sofas or couches. It only measures 71″ long and therefore only fits about 2 people comfortably. If you need more seating, I suggest getting a matching futon chaise, chair or second futon sofa. Even create a sectional sofa if you want!

Emily Sectional Futon Sofa with the Couch and Matching Chaise Lounger Attached Together

On the flip side, the compact size makes this futon fit easily into small apartments or living rooms. Plus, it weighs significantly less than your traditional sofa, so it is very easy to move.

Emily Futon Sofa Assembly:

Although this futon requires assembly, the task is quick and easy. Basically, you just attach the chrome sofa legs. The manufacturer also supplies instructions that you can download here. In addition, it contains a list of parts. You can also contact them if you need replacement parts at 1-800-267-1739.

Emily Futon Sofa Dimensions

DHP Emily Convertible Futon Specs:

  • Dimensions: 71″ Long x 34″ Deep x 32″ Tall
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Futon Sofa Material: Metal Frame, High Density Polyester Foam Fill
  • Upholstery Material: Varies
  • Multiple Color Options: Black Faux Leather, Brown, Burgundy Velvet, Gray Linen, Gray Velvet, Navy Linen, Tan Velvet, Vanilla Faux Leather
  • Model #: 2007109
  • Brand: Dorel Home Products
  • Get the Emily Futon here

Summary of My Emily Convertible Futon Review:

I can see why lots of people choose this futon for their homes, lofts, offices and dorm rooms. It’s easy to assemble, move and adjust. Plus, it looks good without you having to spend a lot of money.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it for a family full of kids or pets (especially ones that like to jump of furniture). I think it would hold up fine to daily use due to the high-density foam and strong interior metal frame. Also, if you plan to sleep on it frequently, I’d add an extra layer of cushioning like a foam pad.

What I Really Like:

I really like this futon because it looks so classy, some would probably never suspect that it’s a futon at all. Additionally, the manufacturer has used durable materials that make this convertible sofa easy to keep clean and looking new. That’s a big plus in my book.

Who the Emily Futon is Not For…

If you are looking for a softer cushion fabric or don’t like shiny chrome legs, this is probably not the sofa for you. There are other options that can give the features you want.

** Keep in mind that the high-density cushions make this a firm sofa. If you want something you can sink into or that feels like a mattress when you’re sleeping on it, don’t get this futon. It will be too firm for you.

Although elegant looking, the cushions do not look or smell like real leather. Customers don’t usually expect this, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. Actually, most people say that the sofa bed exceeded their expectations.

Something to Think About…

emily chaise loungeEmily Futon Chaise Lounge matches the sofa above. Both pieces can be positioned together to create a sectional – or they can be spaced apart – or of course, purchased separately.

… Or you can forget the futon all together and get 2 chaise lounges. Why? Because you can lounge on them and… the loungers recline into beds as well. Hello!?#!

emily futon with chaise loungeSo, if you are looking for a sleeper chair or a convertible chair bed that is stylish and sophisticated and doesn’t look like a cheap futon, take a closer look.

Here’s a photo of the futon with chaise loungerĀ used together. See? It looks like one piece of really cool furniture – and you can sleep 3 people on it. This is my favorite.

According to Michelle Stewart, author of The Beautiful Home; Decorating Ideas on a Budget for Your Dream Home, a well-decorated space will inspire you to socialize more and spend more time in that space.