Black Futon Comparison Chart – Which Sofa the Best?

Compare black futon sofas before you buy! Use this chart to see prices, ratings, features, dimensions, upholstery and more.

Black Futons

Price Range Dimensions Weight Weight Capacity Upholstery Leg Style Special Features

Julia Futon

Julia Black Convertible Futon

4.5 $260-300 72″L x 33″W x 33″H 92 lbs 600 lbs Faux Leather Wood, Square Center cushion folds down to create table with cup holders

Contempo Futon

mainstays Black Contempo Futon Sofa

4.0 $180-220 72″L x 36″W x 34″H 52 lbs 400 lbs Microsuede Metal, Round Sides or “wings” fold up into sofa arm rests or lounger headrest

Rome Futon

Black Rome Futon Sofa with Arms

4.0 $330-400 82″L x 35″W x 33″H 99 lbs 600 lbs Faux Leather Wood, Square Has arm rests, looks like a sofa, tufted upholstery, cosmopolitan style

Metropolitan Futon

Black Metropolitan Convertible Futon

3.5 $280-300 73″L x 37″W x 32″H 98 lbs 600 lbs Faux Leather Wood, Square Backrest folds in two directions: use as a sofa or as a lounger, tufted upholstery

Kebo Black Futon

Black Kebo Futon Sofa Bed

3.6 $125-150 69″L 32″W x 29″H 70 lbs 600 lbs Microfiber Wood, Square

Super cheap, space-saving convertible futon

Delaney Futon

Delaney Black Convertible Futon

3.5 $170-250 70″L x 36″W x 31″H 74 lbs 600 lbs Faux Leather Wood, Square Features “contrast stitching” for modern yet casual look. Split-back design

Lodge Futon

Black Lodge Futon

3.6 $130-150 66″L x 33″W x 30″H 51 lbs 600 lbs Microfiber Wood, Square Casual, “pillow-style” futon, tufted upholstery, space-saving, super cheap

Advantages of Black Futon Sofas:

1. Black Furniture Hides Dirt Well

Many people like black furniture because it has a sleek look and doesn’t show dirt. However, black leather sofas can get expensive. They may not be the best investment, especially if you have pets and kids.

2. Black Convertible Futons Can Save You a Bunch of Money

Modern Black Sectional FutonOn the other hand, faux leather or soft microfiber black futons can cost a fraction of the price and provide more function at the same time. (Don’t forget, you can sleep on them too!)

3. Black Furniture Typically Looks More Expensive Without Costing More

In addition, black sofas and chairs tend to look more expensive and sophisticated than lighter-colored furniture. Therefore, if you want to upgrade the look of your living room, office or den, black furniture can be a way to do it.

4. Black Sofas Make Decorating Easy

Furthermore, you can make black or white furnishings blend in well with virtually any color decor. This makes decorating easier, which we can all appreciate, right?

5. You Can Extend the Life of Your Furniture with the Color Black

Not to mention, black futon sofas often have a more timeless look to them. In other words, you can use them for longer without having them look dated or out of style.