Answers to the Top 5 Convertible Futon Questions…

1. What is a Klik Klak Convertible Futon?

mainstays contempo convertible futon sofaKlik Klak furniture (sometimes written Click Clack) is usually referring to futons that can convert from a sofa to a bed via multiple reclining positions via “clicks”. They are known for being simple to use. Klik Klak futons also have multiple reclining positions, as opposed to just 2.

Many traditional futons require customers to purchase a futon mattress plus a frame, whereas Klik Klaks do not. Because the frame and cushions are attached, a Klik Klak looks more like a sofa than a bed.

2. Do These Futons Require Assembly?

Futons listed on this site do require assembly. However, you don’t need to do much work. Typically, the job involves attaching cushions to a seat frame and screwing in sofa legs. For example, most legs screw into the base of the furniture and tools needed for the job come in the package.

3. Are They Comfortable to Sleep On?

Man sleeping on the couchThis really comes down to personal preference. That said, convertible futons are typically firm and not as soft as a regular mattress. They need to have enough structure to hold their shape over a long period of time with repeated use, both sitting and sleeping.

Some people who want more cushioning for sleeping lay down a 1″ thick piece of memory foam (about $25 for full size) on top of the bed. Other people prefer or don’t mind the minimal cushioning, so the foam is not needed. Read the reviews for each product to get a better idea if the futon matches your comfort level. Some are softer than others.

4. Can You Remove the Cushion Covers? Can You Clean Them?

Scotchgard Fabric Protector SprayGenerally no. Unlike regular futon bed that include a mattress that is separate from the frame, klik klak models or convertible sofas where the cushions do not have removable covers.

For this reason, most cushion fabric on these items is easy clean – meaning it is stain resistant and spills can either be wiped away or cleaned with simple soap and water.

Furniture that will receive a lot of use, especially from kids, can be treated with a fabric protectant such as Scotchgard.

5. What Does the Back of the Convertible Futon Look Like?

In most cases, the bottom of the futon bed has a plain black canvas covering. It is designed to be positioned against or near a wall. Do you plan on using the sofa futon in the center of a room with the backside exposed? Are concerned about the appearance of the back of the convertible futon ? I have a few easy solutions for you.

Fabri-Tac Fabric AdhesiveFirst, you can drape a nice blanket or decorative tapestry over the back or second, attach a piece of matching fabric on the back.

This task is actually very simple and inexpensive with a trip to your local fabric store and using a $5 container of Fabri-Tac adhesive. Plus, you don’t need to sew anything. Cut your fabric to size, allowing extra length and width to fold over and iron as a hem line.

Then, simply glue the fabric to the back of the convertible futon. It gives a strong permanent bond and works great with wood, fabric and even leather.