18 Colorful Couches, Sofas & Futons, Oh My!

18 Colorful Couches with Unique, Exotic Patterns

For those of use who like fun colorful couches with bright mosaics, floral patterns, geometric designs, leaves, beach-style patterns and even camouflage fabrics, this page is for us.

Are Small Futons the New Big?

Each of these patterned sofas converts into a lounger and also into a bed for 1 person. They run smaller than your typical living room couch (think love seat) but they fit very well into smaller spaces, and of course are very versatile.

Heck, you probably wouldn’t want a giant colorful patterned sofa anyways. It might just drive you a little crazy, especially in the morning.

For example, when both sides are folded up into arm rests, the seating width measures approximately 45″. Assume you can fit 2 people comfortably on this convertible sofa – or one person could sprawl out on it like a large armchair.

Mattress Dimensions: 78″ long x 31″ wide x 6″ thick

Each futon comes with a 6″ thick mattress, which is thicker than cheaper 4″ thick models. The extra cushioning makes it feel more plush, both for sitting and sleeping. And yes, you do get the 2 matching back cushions as well. Click here to see them

Fantastic Futons in 18 Colored Patterns
The futon frame has black powder-coated steel, and the mattress lays on wood slats. This durable, low-priced sofa also has a good-looking, modern and contemporary design. However, keep in mind that you’ll notice the dark frame more with the lighter-fabric designs.

1 Futon …or 2?

You can easily use 2 pieces together, even if the fabric is different. For example, simply switch out the seat back cushions so that each futon is using the back cushions of the other futon. This simple secret ties furniture together in a room (without having to buy extra cushions!)

Something I Don’t Really Like About These Futons:

The tufted futon does not have a removable cover. Therefore, you can’t remove a dirty cover and throw it in the washing machine. (Although, the 2 back cushion covers can be removed).

That said, most convertible futons have stain-resistant fabric for easier cleaning and care.

One thing I Do Like About These Colorful Couches:

These futons are designed to be used indoors. However, the steel powder-coated frame and polyester fabric on the mattress and cushions make it better able to hold up to the outdoor elements. In addition, it only weighs about 70 lbs. Therefore, I consider it a great candidate for a part-time outdoor futon, especially under a covered porch or patio.

About the Manufacturer:

For over 20 years, Kodiak furniture has specialized in manufacturing mattresses, box springs and futon mattresses. They make stuff that’s comfortable to sleep on.

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